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Interview: Lawson

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Lawson first exploded onto the UK music scene in 2012 with a handful of upbeat indie-driven pop hits including Standing In The Dark, When She Was Mine, Learn To Love Again and Juliet as well as their monster hit single Brokenhearted which featured American hip hop recording artist and record producer B.O.B. The singles were soon accompanied by the lads’ debut album, the hit filled Chapman Square and the following Chapman Square II reissue which found its way on music charts around the world and also helped the band find their feet on U.S territory.

It’s been a couple of years since the foursome which consists of Andy Brown (guitar, lead vocals), Ryan Fletcher (bass guitar, backing vocals), Joel Peat (lead guitar, backing vocals) and Adam Pitts (drums), delivered new material but the wait is now over as the band have recently unveiled their brand new single, Roads which will soon be followed by a glossy new LP.

Lawson-RoadsWhile the band are busy doing promotion around the release of Roads, we caught up with front man Andy to talk about their latest single, working in the U.S on new material and planned upcoming shows. Here is what he had to tell us…

Brendon Veevers: How are you all doing and where in the word does our interview find the band?

Andy Brown: Great thanks. Just at home in London today after a busy weekend supporting Take That in Birmingham.

BV: The band is preparing the release of your new single Roads which is out in the UK at the end of the month. What can you tell us about the track?

AB: It’s a foot tapper, sing along chorus, loads of “heys” and “whoas”, what else could you need! we recorded it in Nashville. It was awesome.

BV: Where would you say inspiration came from when putting the track together?

AB: From our own personal experience. All roads lead back to you is a saying I’ve heard a lot of people say so it was good to write a song about it. I’m sure a lot of people can relate to the meaning.

BV: The single is the first from your upcoming record. When can we expect the new album to land?

AB: End of the summer. Hopefully!

[youtube id=”irw3IbjP3vQ” width=”620″ height=”360″]

BV: Would you say that the sound and style of Roads is indicative to what the rest of the upcoming album will sound like?

AB: It’s got elements of roads in there. But there’s something for everyone on there. Big triumphant uplifting sing along songs. And then piano only ballads. It’s definitely a progression from our last album Chapman Square.

BV: Will there be any surprises to listen out for on the upcoming record? Perhaps a duet or collaboration of some sorts?

AB: No collaborations this time. Apart from Joel’s mum who plays flute on a song called We Are Kings.

BV: It’s been a few of years since your first album Chapman Square which was followed by the repackaged Chapman Square II. Sophomore studio albums are always quite tough for any artist. Do you feel any pressure to replicate the success of Chapman Square with the new record?

AB: I think we thrive under pressure. We’ve all improved as musicians and I’ve improved as a song writer. After listening to our new album in full, I’d say it’s much better than the first album. But I’m biased!

BV: What do you think the band learned during the release of Chapman Square that you will be applying to this next journey with your sophomore release? Anything you will be aiming to do better or simply differently?

[youtube id=”I-SOaSU0ieA” width=”620″ height=”360″]

AB: Just enjoy the experiences. Travelling the world playing our music to people is something we dreamed about when we first started the band at college. You never know when it’s gonna come to and end so just enjoy yourself.

BV: The video for Roads is pretty spectacular. It looked pretty chilly too. Where was the video shot and what was it like filming the video?

AB: It was shot in Lofoten in Norway. Incredible place. Same place they filmed the last Bond movie. We had to take 4 flights to get there but was well worth it.

BV: The single was recorded in Nashville and carries a very country folk feel to it. What was it like recording the track in such an iconic and musical place like Nashville?

AB: Nashville is amazing.  Full of great musicians and songwriters. It’s the place to be for anything musical. The studio was incredible and home to artists like KOL, Maroon 5 and Keith Urban.

BV: Will the new material be released and promoted in the U.S?

AB: Roads is currently being played in America. It’s a slow process over there so just gotta let the song build naturally. Early signs have been great though and we’ve been getting some great feedback.

BV: Is recording a new record a structured process for the band or do you apply more of a spontaneous approach to your music and how things develop?

AB: We do a song a day. Just do whatever feels natural first. Sometimes we’d start with drums, sometimes acoustic, depends what mood we were in. There’s no rules really just gotta be free and try new things.

[youtube id=”PsbPkZPKEuY” width=”620″ height=”360″]

BV: Having made your mark a couple of years ago and having enjoyed so many successful moments so far, what would you say has been the highlight for the band in terms of your achievements?

AB: Playing sold out shows in Asia was surreal. Also the album going Gold in the UK. We’ve played some of the greatest venues in the world Inc Wembley Stadium.

BV: The overall feel of Roads is a slightly different feel to previous singles. Was it a conscious decision to take the new material down a different path or was it a natural progression for the band to dip their toes in more Americana sounding territory?

AB: We always keep an ear on what’s happening in America that’s for sure. But I wouldn’t say it was a conscious effort. It feels more like a progression to the types of music we listen to and what inspires us.

BV: With the UK festival scene fast approaching, are there any plans to unveil some of the new material at any of the big festivals around the country over the coming months?

AB: Possibly. There’s a couple of big songs off the new record we haven’t played live yet. It’s a tough one as people always want to hear the songs they know. There’s nothing better than hearing the audience sing every word.

BV: Are there any plans to take Roads and the upcoming album out on the road throughout 2015? What can you tell us about live shows on the horizon?

AB: Fingers crossed there will be a tour after the release of the album. We can’t wait to tour the new material. It’s full of big live tunes. Perfect for a live venue!

BV: Thanks for your time Andy

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