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Interview: Keeda

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As a hopeful on the 2012 season of the Australian X Factor and a contestant on So You Think You Can Dance, multi-talented pop songbird Keeda has shown Australia that she has the talent, perseverance and determination it takes to succeed as an entertainer.

Following her popular appearances on both reality talent shows, Keeda released her debut single, Ain’t No Cinderella, a feisty track rich in infectious hooks and a message of female empowerment.

With her latest electro-pop fuelled single, Control, on the verge of release, we caught up with Keeda to talk about her journey so far, her plans on cracking the US and the UK and her television projects. Here is what Keeda had to tell us:

Brendon Veevers: How are you Keeda?

Keeda: I have been very well thank you.

BV: Where in the world does our Q&A find you today?

K: All the way In Sydney, Australia – the land down under.

BV: For those unfamiliar with you or your music how would be best sum up your style and sound?

K: The style of my music is Pop/Dance/Electro.

BV: Ain’t No Cinderella was your debut single and the first mainstream number for fans to get their teeth into. Can you tell us a little about the songs background, the inspiration behind it and how you relate to the song?

K: Ain’t No Cinderella will always be my baby! I’m very proud of the track. I wrote it just before I turned 18 years of age. So it was a time where I was just finding myself – that moment between being a young girl and developing into a young woman. Not feeling like you need a man to define who you are or make you feel good about yourself. It’s about being independent and loving the skin you’re in.

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BV: You are preparing for the release of your next single, Control. Can you tell us a little about this track?

K: Control is a pretty deep track if you actually listen closely to the lyrics. It’s about one girl, two personalities. Light and dark. It’s about defeating that dark side and being the person you truly are. It’s about finding that inner strength.

BV: Will we be seeing an album released this year?

K: At the moment I’m just working on one single at a time but doing an album is definitely in the works for the future.

BV: Were you raised in a musical family?

K: My mother did a little singing when she was younger and my brother was also a dancer. We grew up around music playing all the time. I don’t think I could live without it.

BV: Who in the music industry has had the most impact on you or has inspired you to be a performer?

K: Michael Jackson is my biggest inspiration! But growing up I loved Britney Spears in her ‘Live in Las Vegas’ days! ( I still pull the DVD out at times and perform EVERY track from start to finish) I also loved Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation days, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce and Destiny’s Child.

BV: If you could pick from anyone in the music industry to collaborate with, who would you pick and why?

K: I would probably say Chris Brown, JB or Justin Timberlake because I believe either one of these amazing artists and myself would make a KILLER collaboration not to mention the dancing in the music video!!

BV: We had a look on your website,, and the first image we see is one of you holding a necklace that has the words “I have a dream” engraved on it. What is your dream?

K: The dream is to be an International recording artist, an entertainer. I’m also an actress so doing film has always been a passion of mine also. The necklace has a strong message…..about believing in your dream!


BV: You were a memorable contestant on last year’s X Factor. You were also a contestant on So You Think You Can Dance. What would you say you learned from appearing on these shows?

K: Well I learned that you can never be 100% prepared for what you think you’re about to go through. I learned a lot about myself. My strengths and weaknesses, I experienced more emotions through the period of time on the shows than I have in my 22 years of living. I learnt the true meaning of determination, courage, strength, vulnerability and passion.

BV: Do you have any plans to break into the UK or US markets or is the 2013 focus purely on establishing yourself in Australia?

K: I loved the UK so much when I went over last year and I dream of breaking through there. I also would love to break in the US market…. it just depends who loves me more! At the moment I’m focusing on building my support base and getting my name out there but the incredible thing with technology is that Twitter and Facebook are worldwide. I’m already building a fan base in different parts of the world. It’s very exciting.

BV: As well as diving into a recording career you have also added several film appearances to your CV as well as a spot on Home and Away. Do you have any other film or TV projects in the pipeline?

K: Yes, I actually just finished filming a guest role on a new kids show coming to air on Channel 10 later this year it’s still confidential but you will hear about it soon.

BV: Have you embraced the world of social media? Do you have a Twitter profile fans can follow or a Facebook page we can sign up to?

K: I do! My twitter is @keedamusic and my Facebook page is

BV: Will you be heading out on the road this year to perform for your fans?

K: This is one of the main plans for this year yes!! I want nothing more than to get on the road and start touring an meet the amazing people supporting me and making this dream come to life.

BV: What else is on the Keeda calendar for 2013?

K: Keeda’s 2013 wish list = Music and more music! Hopefully tour. Get singed to a major international label… Haha.

BV: Thanks for talking to us Keeda.

K: Thank you for the interview.

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