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Interview: Jack Savoretti

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Jack Savoretti, is an English/Italian singer whose brand of acoustic pop has garnered him both critical praise and a legion of adoring fans. His first record Between The Minds spent 6 weeks in the UK albums chart and was Album of the Week on Radio 2. His second album, Harder Than Easy was recorded in a mere seven days, and manage to score him even more commercial and critical success. Since then he has recorded two more albums, Before The Storm, and his most recent work, the impressive Written In Scars.

His music has been used to score episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, One Tree Hill and The Vampire Diaries and his song No One’s Aware was drafted for use in The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants 2.

We spoke to Savoretti about his upcoming UK tour, his musical past, and the musicians who inspired him.

Joseph Earp: Hi Jack. How are you, and where are you writing to us from today?

Jack Savoretti: I’m very good thanks. Writing to you from our tour bus. Not sure where we are exactly but heading to a show in Birmingham

JE: You recently released your new record Written In Scars. Can you tell us a bit about the record and where you drew the most inspiration from during the writing and recording of these new tracks?

JS: This album written in Scars [comes] from the good, bad and ugly moments life throws at ya. You’re gonna get knocked down. Just make sure you always get back up again…

Jack Savoretti - Written In ScarsJE: Some of the songs on Written In Scars were co-written with Sam Dixon. What was that musical partnership like?

JS: You’ll have to ask him what it was like for him, but for me it was a pleasure and an honour. Every now and then in music you meet another musician that can musically finish your sentences and take what you were trying to say and make it make sense…He’s a musical philosopher…His sophistication is limitless.

JE: You came to music by virtue of writing poetry. Do you still write poetry?

JS: I hope there is always poetry in my songs.

JE: Who were the influences on your lyrical style?

JS: It’s a long list from English and American and lots of Italian artists…I like lyrics when they take a photograph of something you walk by every day and never realised how beautiful it was.

JE: Your mum was the one who first encouraged you to play music. Was yours a very musical household?

JS: There always was and still is music in our house. Both my parents always stood behind me any decision I have made…If I told them I wanted to be a doctor, musician or footballer, to them it was about allowing for love with something and go for it.

JE: The music video for your song “Home” was aptly filmed in your hometown of Genoa. Was it an emotional experience to shoot that video?

JS: It was up there with one of the best days of my life…It was hysterical and emotional to a whole new level for me. I will never forget that day and I am so grateful we managed to capture it on film and the amazing people of Genova.

[youtube id=”2MTXonJsppo” width=”620″ height=”360″]

JE: When push comes to shove, what is your favourite album of all time?

JS: Paul Simon’s Graceland is flawless.

JE: If you couldn’t be a musician, then what would be your ideal career?

JS: Doctor if I had been smarter, and a journalist if I could write better.

JE: What is the song that you are most proud of that you have yet recorded?

JS: The Other Side of Love has definitely pushed me into a new place…Musically and lyrically.

Jack Savoretti

JE: You specifically wrote the song “One Day” for the film Post Grad. What was it like to work in that manner?

JS: Fun…We were treated amazingly. There was a bit of pressure as they gave us 3 hours to write it. But I love a good challenge.

JE: Do you ever still get backstage jitters when performing a live show?

JS: Every night…The night I don’t feel anything I’ll stop playing.

[youtube id=”KBBpLzZXR80″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

JE: What is your fondest tour memory?

JS: Coming home to my family is always the greatest feeling.

JE: What does your ideal crowd look like – do you like big shows or do you prefer them small and intimate?

JS: I like all shapes and sizes…Every crowd is different and that’s what makes touring so amazing…I love how varied our audiences are…Some shows you go to everybody looks the same and almost wear uniforms…That freaks me out.

JE: You’re going to be performing around the UK this year. Do you think there is anything that separates English crowds from crowds in the rest of the world?

JS: English crowds love to sing along…I love that…It’s a great feeling to hear a room of people sing your songs back at ya.

JE: Tell me something you’ve never told an interviewer before.

JS: I love the Gypsy Kings.

Jack Savoretti’s new album Written in Scars is out now.

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