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Interview: Dami Im

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Dami Im is best known for being the winner of reality television show The X Factor Australia in 2013. The win was a stroke of luck for the South-Korean born songstress, as she had originally been sent home in the show and was called back when another competitor withdrew. But no one doubted that Im deserved to win, as she consistently wowed Australia each week with stunning renditions of songs from a variety of genres.

Im may have been quiet since the release of her single Alive, but is now back and better than ever with the vibrant single Super Love. Dami took some time to talk to us about this new single, her time on X Factor, and what’s next for her. Here’s what she had to say….

Melissa Redman: Hi Dami! How are you and where are we talking to you from today?

Dami Im: Hi Melissa, I’m good thanks! I’m in Sydney at the moment.

MR: You’ve just released your new single Super Love. How would you describe the song?

DI: I’m really passionate about this song because it’s about love, and who your ‘super love’ is. For me it’s my husband Noah, but it’s also my fans that have supported me since X Factor. Everybody has a super love, whether it be their partner, mother, brother or even their dog, and this song is to remind everyone of that.

Dami Im Super LoveMR: You were heavily involved with the creative direction of the Super Love music video. What was that like and what’s the idea behind the video?

DI: It was really fun putting ideas together and being really involved in the creative process. The idea of the video is that I’m a superhero who sends love to people around the world, and the different characters in the video represent the different types of people around the world. It’s a video that’s about feeling good, and I wanted it to entertain people. I was also really happy that I got to show off how beautiful Sydney is, particularly when I’m playing the piano on the hill with Sydney in the background.

MR: Your first single Alive, was recorded whilst you were on the X Factor Australia. How was the process different when recording Super Love?

DI: Well Alive was chosen for me when I was on the show, so I didn’t have much input into it. The recording of it and the filming of the music video were all done really quickly. With Super Love I had heaps of time to choose the song and I got to be involved in every step. So Super Love feels like more of my creation and is closer to my heart.

MR: Do you feel that you have more control over your image and brand as an artist now that your time on X Factor is over?

DI: Oh definitely. On X Factor everything was chosen for me, but that’s what I was there for, I was there to experience something new. Now nothing is done without me; I choose the way my hair looks, make up, clothes…. It’s a lot more fun this way.

[youtube id=”MGcFsXmisQQ” width=”620″ height=”360″]

MR: What was it like being on a reality television show?

DI: Every day was super busy. You’d get your song and go to workshops to work on that, but we also had camera rehearsals, group rehearsals, fittings and doing interviews in between. But I think it prepared me well for life after the show and life as an artist, because things have gotten even busier now.

MR: You’ve recently been in Korea to promote Super Love. What are some of the things that you’ve been doing over there, and do you have a highlight?

DI: Well it was my first time back after winning the show, so it was very exciting. I got to see all my relatives and family, and they were all really proud of me. I got to visit the border between North and South Korea with grandma, which was really exciting – not many people get to do that. It took a lot of negotiating, and my grandpa was from North Korea, which made it more special. I then launched Super Love, and I got to do that at a press conference. Hundreds of journalists and media people were there, and afterwards there were instantly articles all over the Internet. My name was the second highest trending search on the Korean search engine, which was really cool. I also appeared on a television show where I shared my X Factor story and performed four songs, including a duet with the winner of the Korean X Factor. Overall it was a very special and productive trip.

Dami Im 2

MR: You’ve become the ambassador and face for a few charities and brands, including Compassion Australia and Alannah Hill. What’s it like to be the face of a brand/charity?

DI: It’s lots of fun. I never imagined that I would be a fashion model, especially not for a brand like Alannah Hill. I adore all of her clothes and it’s a girls dream to model them. As for Compassion Australia I’ve been sponsoring a child for eight years now, and Noah does as well. We went to visit them in India about a month a go, and it really was a dream come true to meet the children whose lives you’ve changed. We now sponsor six children, because it’s just an absolute privilege to be able to help them and visiting them showed that our sponsorship really had helped.

MR: What would you say to people who are thinking of sponsoring a child through Compassion Australia?

DI: It really does change the child’s life. They now wear uniforms, have toilets and have power for the first time in their lives because of our contribution. For me, it really helps me to stay grounded and it’s why I do things, why I sing. Sometimes you’re just going through life and you sort of wonder what it’s all about. But sponsoring a child gives you satisfaction in what you do. Compassion Australia lets you build a relationship with your child, and allows you to visit them if you wish, which some other sponsorship programs don’t allow. I really encourage everyone to sponsor a child through Compassion Australia.

[youtube id=”YCw5s3A3FYw” width=”620″ height=”360″]

MR: What would be your dream charity or brand to be an ambassador of?

DI: Hmmm I don’t know, I’ve already done so many unexpected things. I think something else I’d like to do is be the face for a make- up brand… that really is a girl’s dream! But I sort of already did that with the Priceline You Beauty campaign, so really I’ve already done everything I could want to do.

MR: Do you have an album in the works? Can you give us any sneak peeks?

DI: Yes, well next I’ll be working on a new single, but the album should be out sometime between October and December this year. It will have a variety of songs, lots of upbeat, happy ones but also ballads as well. I want it to be an album that people of all generations can listen to, not just the younger generation.

MR: Have you written any songs for the album?

DI: I’m co-writing everything on the album, so my next single will be co-written by me as well. I like to put my own flavor into each of my songs; if I did not have an input into the song then I don’t want it on my album.

MR: Thanks Dami and all the best for 2014

DI: Thanks Melissa

Dami Im’s new single Super Love is out now.

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