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Interview: RuPaul’s Drag Race – Cynthia Lee Fontaine

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With two queens finding themselves ejected from RuPaul’s Drag Race following the Bitch Perfect challenge and first eliminated queen Naysha Lopez finding her way back into the competition, the first three episodes of season 8 have been a wild ride for everybody involved. With the season’s first big twist behind us and the competition having barely even started, the queens launched back into the competition with their latest challenge; over-acting in a parody of music-themed Fox TV series Empire, and the queens’ first time walking the show’s iconic runway in roller skates. Unfortunately, the bubbly and infectious Puerto Rican queen Cynthia Lee Fontaine found herself lip syncing against Seattle’s Robbie Turner, the former in heels and the latter still in her skates, with Cynthia eventually finding herself eliminated.

Despite the commanding personalities of this season’s New York queens, Cynthia Lee Fontaine stood out as one of the most vibrant personalities in the competition. With her upbeat and caring personality, she won over the hearts of both racers and viewers alike by simply shaking her cucu to the beat of her own drum. But with a YouTube show of her own and the promise of future performances, it won’t be long until we all get a taste of Cynthia again! Following the elimination, we had the chance to ask her about her time on Drag Race.

RuPaul's Drag Race - Season 8 Queens

Michael Smith: How was your time on RuPaul’s Drag Race? Are you happy with how you were presented on the show?

Cynthia Lee Fontaine: It was phenomenal and I’m so happy to become part of this amazing experience.

MS: This week’s biggest moment was Naysha’s return to the competition. How do you feel about your Puerto Rican sister getting another chance?

CLF: So excited and happy. She had a lot more to offer.

MS: Were you happy with your team for the acting challenges? Would you have chosen anybody different if you were the leader?

CLF: I was very happy. I think everyone did a good job.

MS: What was your biggest challenge during the acting scenes? How do you think your performance went?

CLF: I love my performance. Even the judges critiques were very positive about my performance.

MS: What was going through your mind when RuPaul gave you and Robbie the choice between heels and skates for the final lip sync?

CLF: I was concerned about our safety on the stage. I didn’t want Robbie and I to get hurt. And we both did a phenomenal job lip syncing for our lives. One of the best so far. We made herstory!!!

MS: Do you have any regrets about your performance in this challenge and lip-sync?

CLF: No. I believe my look was very cool and comfortable.

MS: How has the fan reaction been since the show started airing? You had one of the season’s most memorable catchphrases; how has that caught on?

CLF: Mis Amores! My fans are sooo amazing and supportive. I’ve got the best. They love me and they want more cucu from me.

MS: What are your plans for the future? What do you plan on doing with your YouTube channel?

CLF: Continue with my YouTube show, Memoirs of My Cucu, and doing more drag shows, as well as continue with my acting career and music in the future. Thanks for this interview!

Tune into RuPaul’s Drag Race next Monday at 9/8c on Logo!

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