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Interview: Conway

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Straight-talking rising pop starlet Conway is currently enjoying a successful high following the release of the blonde beauties brand new EP, Shut Up. The collection, comprised of a brief yet memorable 4 tracks, is the L.A based musicians latest dive into the mainstream, blending multiple genres such as EDM, pop and rock to complete the bustling new effort. While the name may not ring bells for many just yet, that is all about to change as she begins to take on the world with her hold-no-prisoners attitude and energetic hits.

With the EP recently being unveiled, we caught up with Conway to discuss the new collection and whether a full length studio release is on the horizon. Here is what she had to say…

Brendon Veevers: How are you Conway and where in the world does our interview find you?

Conway: Currently I have 3 days at home in LA, just back from New York after a show. Enjoying a coffee from my local spot.

Conway Shut UpBV: You are busy promoting the upcoming UK release of your brand new EP, Shut Up. The name of the EP demands attention and rightfully so. Why did you ultimately settle on this title and what does the title mean to you?

Conway: The title is a good follow up to Big Talk in theme and vibe i.e. “I have something to say!”…but also I am telling that to my fears. It’s also a way of saying “stay strong”…..”keep going”

BV: For those who are yet to hear your music, what can people generally expect to hear if they get hold of the new EP – what styles and genres do you play around with within the collection?

Conway: The EP is a good collection of 4 very different songs that speak to each other quite well in terms of each owning it’s own perspective, strong attitude and deliberate sonic choices. As usual I like to vary the flavors. Forever Lonely is a heart breaker, Attack is a call to arms, Shut Up is an anthem and Look at You is an apartment or road driving dance song.

I have a problem defining the style. In one song I can easily use a hip hop drum beat, a new wave guitar, sing a pop sensible melody and then shout over it to add another hook. What genre is that?

BV: Is there a favorite track for you on the collection and what about the track makes it stand out for you?

Conway: My favorite changes dependent on my mood..and thats what I hope for the listener. Today I am feeling Forever Lonely because I am having a quiet day working alone and the breeze from my window is making my heart feel melancholy. Forever Lonely transports me somewhere else….just emotional..a state of being, not thinking.

BV: What’s the reaction been like towards your music from those who are only now becoming familiar with your work?

Conway: Some people seem a bit surprised that they like it. Like they have to tell me, “you know what? It’s really good. I ACTUALLY really like it”. My favorite thing they say is…”this doesn’t sound like anything else, but it’s catchy and it’s a thing”. Then they name a bunch of people all stuck together and try to sum it up anyway. Haaa. I don’t know.

BV: You wrote each of the songs on the new EP. What would you say inspired you the most during the writing and recording process of the Shut Up EP?

Conway: I wrote these songs to offer a perspective, to be honest and to tell my story. They are about what has happened this year and I attempted to explain that roller coaster. I also promised myself that I would arrange the songs structurally based on feeling..not on formula.

[youtube id=”XOPGdtq3W7Y” width=”620″ height=”360″]

BV: EP’s are usually a form of teaser for a full length record. We might we be able to expect a studio album and what is your vision for a debut album?

Conway: My vision is longevity and diversity. The album will have more of that …more stories…different stories. Some singles I hope….and some all around really good art.

BV: How will you know when things have really taken off for you – how do you define your success?

Conway: That goal post keeps moving. Just let me keep making music…thats a miracle.

BV: What’s your songwriting process like? Are you a perfectionist when it comes to piecing a record together or is it more a ‘go-with-the-flow’ type of process?

Conway: Total perfectionist. That doesn’t mean it’s not organic. A lot happens on the first pass..or moment of inception. Melodies and words usually come to me immediately. If I don’t love it right away I don’t even bother putting it down. The rest gets built around that. I’m a perfectionist about keeping the first pieces of inspiration in tact as we fine tune all the things that get added around them.

I am that tweaker that will obsess on the sound of a snare hit for days like my life depended on the perfect EQ for that second and that second alone. Mixing is a nightmare for me for this reason…and I think everyone around me wants to drop me to the bottom of the ocean when I get like that.

BV: What artists would you say have been influential you to you as a musician and for what reason(s) do you regard them as influences?

Conway: I like so many things it’s impossible to say they haven’t all influenced me. But I don’t think of anyone when I am writing. I’ll just say I likeTalking Heads for vocalizations, quirkiness and bass.

James Blake for low end, The Strokes for amazing song writing and lyrics and Bjork for everything. Does that explain things? Probably not.


BV: Are there any acts out there that you would love to collaborate with or tour with and if so, who would they be and in what capacity would you like to see a collaborative project?

Conway: I want to write a song with Julian Casablancas and do a duet with Miguel. The Strokes is one of my favorite bands of all time and Julian’s lyrics put me on my knees.

I want to make something with him. Miguel is so smooth I can’t even! I mean…Miguel, let’s do a love song already!!

BV: Are there plans to take the new EP on the road during 2014 or 2015 and what plans are you able to let us in on?

Conway: Yes..always plans to tour. We’re doing London dates in late October, west coast dates in November and hopefully a more comprehensive US tour soon.

BV: You have recently supported the likes of The Fratelli’s, St Lucia and Ellie Goulding on tour. What was the best advice that you received from one of these acts and who would you say was the best to tour alongside and why?

Conway: “Be tenacious. Stick by your songs..because people don’t always catch on right away” Ellie and I talked about the last 5 years of her journey one night after the show. I mean she has literally been on the road for 5 years straight…not letting up. Dedication and belief are sometimes all you have….at first.

BV: What might fans expect from a live Conway show?

Conway: A lot of energy and an amazingly talented band. Dancing, honesty and dynamics. Nothing is rehearsed…and sometimes I like to get really close to the audience.

BV: Aside from promoting the UK release of the Shut Up Ep what other plans or projects are in the pipeline for 2014/15 that fans can look out for

Conway: Full length album in early 2015 and tour tour tour!

Conway’s brand new EP Shut Up is out now.