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Interview: Christina Perri

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Renowned For Sound caught up with superstar singer-songwriter @christinaperri to talk A Lighter Shade of Blue, Twilight and billion stream successes..... @Halestormpr

July saw the release of studio album number 3 for American singer-songwriter Christina Perri with the release of A Lighter Shade of Blue.  Ten years on from releasing the biggest single of her career and a song that soundtracked an entire movie franchise, Perri continues to go from strength to strength with personal, emotive and empowering releases, as made obvious on her latest addition to an already beautiful repertoire. With grief for the passing of her daughter at the forefront of this latest album, Perri’s strength in dealing with all of the emotions surrounding such a tragedy are heard throughout each of the tracks on the superstars latest collection.

Following the release of A Lighter Shade of Blue, we caught up with Christina to discuss the monumental success of A Thousand Years and the impact it had on the Twilight film franchise as well as its recent successes of surpassing 1 billion Spotify stream and 2 billion YouTube view milestones and the journey she has gone through to create the most personal record of her career. Here is what Christina had to tell us….

Christina Perri’s brand new album, A Lighter Shade of Blue is out now.