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Live Review: I Am A Camera – Thursday 14th July 2011 – Hoxton Bar And Kitchen, London, UK

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Ian Watt and Francesca Ross, or as we know the vivacious and sweetly charming duo, I Am A Camera, are set to ignite the mainstream synth pop scene as they take on a genre that has quickly become a staple in the current music market with their brand of electro-pop gems.

Since the bands formation, I Am A Camera have been busy solidifying a musical stamp and image that are both striking and fitting for the current market.

As the duo continue to put nose to the grindstone with work on a future release they have managed to reserve some time to get their name out there with a couple of intimate performances to showcase the pairing of Watt’s talented instrumental skills with vocalist Ross’ confident and exquisitely smooth vocal offerings.

Within the small yet cosy confines of London’s Hoxton Bar and Kitchen I Am A Camera offered electro-pop aficionados an opportunity to witness a rising star with a brief yet effective support slot for the headliner of the night, Eat More Cake.

Taking to the stage at just shy of 8.25pm the duo, Ian Watt, dressed in a long black coat, his hair slicked back and looking like the very essence of cool, was joined by his front woman Francesca Ross who was dressed in a slim fit yellow number with a pair of heels that displayed a sultry yet innocent looking songbird.

Greeting the crowd the duo dived straight into opening number, Without You. Starting with a semi sombre intro the track didn’t waste any time in lifting off into Watt’s momentous orgy of synths that blended well with Ross’ seductive vocals as she stood centre stage and as stunning as front women come.

As Ross encouraged the crowd, which included rising starlet and I Am A Camera fan and supporter Lana Del Rey, to “transport ourselves to Russia” the following Commuter Love offered a beautiful collision of grinding bass lines and digital effects that filled the track to the brim while a pulsating rhythm got the crowd moving. The vocals were strong and deep over Watt’s backing of power driven and industrial beats.

The band then erupted into techno laced Red Letter Day with Ross’ vocals swinging from vulnerable songstress to up tempo dance floor queen in a skip and a beat and with sassy ease. The tracks gorgeous dream sequence nearing its end also gave the addition a versatile feel.

Throughout the brief set Watt remained positioned like a modern day Vince Clarke behind his laptop and Roland Gaia, collected with an almost elusive air to him while the leading lady stood centre stage looking glamorous and confident as she unleashed the bands five track set with her right hand mans support.

By this halfway point the crowd had doubled with the duos infectious vibe reverberating throughout the bar outside and drawing the crowd like moths to a flame.

Balladry in the form of the eerie Endless Storm was up next and provided an arena for Ross to belt out a track full of smooth notes and tight vibrato moments before the bands closing number, Secrets Safe, was offered up and got the crowd worked up with what felt like the sets most commercial sounding inclusion and one that would slot into radio airplay with ease as well as providing a healthy dance floor filler with it’s deep yet uplifting structure.

Tonight’s gig showed us that I Am A Camera have the complete package, from the infectious melodies and a gentle yet complimenting vocal approach to Watt’s outstanding production, crisp and energising with enough synth licks to give a much loved decade the electric kiss of life.

As a unit they create a beat that everyone can get down to and we can’t wait to hear more from the amazing I Am A Camera.

Set list:

Without You
Commuter Love
Red Letter Day
Endless Storm
Secret’s Safe