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Live Review: Cannons – 19th March 2024 – Heaven, London, UK

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On Tuesday night, LA-based pop band Cannons appeared at London’s Heaven for a somewhat intimate performance. Their 2019 song Fire For You shot them to stardom overnight in the height of the pandemic, after it was used in the hit Netflix show Never Have I Ever, and since then they have been growing their influence. Now, they’re on the last night of their first European tour.

Nina and Radio Wolf opened the night with a wave of synths and heavy guitars. It for the overall vibe well in every respect, from sound to look, the pair appearing to love every moment. Industrial, rock and pop all melded seamlessly into each song. Cannons emerged a little after nine, their digital backdrop filling with red waves. Singer, Michelle Joy, came out to a sea of screaming fans as the music began in earnest. Heartbeat Highway served as a perfect beginning, the band adorned in black and gold attire, the drummer in sunnies. Bad Dream hit with a smilier attack, the shimmering guitars and steady beat making the crowd sway. Michelle made the most of her dress, spinning at every opportune moment. “What’s up London!” She shouted, announcing themselves and their gratitude for the European leg of the tour. Talk Talk followed, it’s mid-tempo whistle lead melody making for a perfect clap along tune.

The entire show felt like a hypnotising playlist perfectly crafted for the fans. Each song flowed into the next making for a cohesive stream of soft rock and dreamy pop. Loving You and Shadows bled into each other, the latter pumping with an upbeat heart that was felt by the band and audience alike. The culminating solo hit the right note, leading into thanks and Michelle’s apparent favourite track on Cannon’s album, Can You Feel My Heart. The soulful song is followed by one of the more upbeat tracks Bright Lights that meld a disco beat with their already established Men I Trust-esc sound.

Hurricane hit with its satisfying pop aesthetic, while Ruthless was introduced by musical stabs and a vague story about a girl that got lied to. Asking for help with the chorus, Crush proved to be a success despite being relatively new for the band to play. The set design was a real highlight of the show, the ever changing backdrop matching the mood of each tracks excellently. Cannons provided the look, the vibes, and the heart, especially when Michelle opened up to how much their first tour in Europe has meant to them. Their biggest hit ended the main bulk of the night, concluding not only a successful first European tour but a fantastic final night.


Heartbreak Highway

Bad Dream

Talk Talk

Loving You


Can You Feel My Heart

Bright Lights



Love Chained

Come Alive




Purple Sun

Fire For You



Evening Star