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Live Review: GUN – 29th February 2024 – The 100 Club, London, UK

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Live Review: GUN - 29th February 2024 - The 100 Club, London, UK

This past Thursday, heavy rock band GUN hit the stage at London’s infamous 100 Club off Oxford Street to promote their brand new record. They took to the stage a little after 8pm, a burst of feedback and loud cheering announcing their presence. 

They began their set with Lucky Guy, the thumping bass resonating throughout the entire close-quarters venue. The front row were reaching out, trying to get a grip on the band, especially guitarist Guiliano Gizzi who found his way back and forth towards the audience while playing. His youthful energy was infectious, seemingly even hyping up the other members of the band to loosen up and rock with the music. “Are you ready to sing with me?” Dante Gizzi shouted as Here’s Where I Am led into Don’t Say It’s Over. The crowd were more than happy to oblige, taking control of the mid-section by singing as loudly as possible. All Fired Up followed a brief speech about the groups upcoming album Hombres, the reason for the show despite the album not being out until April 12th. An early celebration is not a band thing, however, and the crowd showed this by bouncing along diligently.

“From our latest to our first,” Dante announced as they began Better Days, closely followed by You Are What I Need. Arms were planted firmly in the air as the solos flew with an ease only achieved by veteran players. Boys Don’t Cry became an immediate highlight, the audience showing they knew the song by dancing along. Falling came after, along with a thanks to the crowd for showing up. Steal Your Fire became another instant highlight, the audacious 80’s sounding rock tune beginning with a wail from Dante. “We love you guys!” was shouted by a member of the audience just as their last song Shame began. The U2-esc intro erupted into the chorus, many people dancing along to the rhythm. The band themselves visibly enjoyed every minute of it, strutting about the stage and playing their parts with gusto. The final solo rang out as though it were played at Wembley Stadium, finishing off the surprisingly early set in perfect fashion. They treated fans to one additional tune, before bowing out entirely and vanishing as quickly as they had emerged.

Set List:

Lucky Guy

Here’s Where I Am

Don’t Say It’s Over

All Fired Up

Better Days

You Are What I Need

Boys Don’t Cry


Take Me Back Home

Steal Your Fire

Shame On You

Inside Out