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Album Review: Flo Rida – Only One Flo (Part 1)

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Flo Rida returns this month with his latest offering, Only One Flo (Part 1). The short playing collection boosts 8 killers tracks of electro laced, hip-hop delicacies. Only One Flo (Part 1) eases the rappers way back into the spotlight with an abridged collection of 8 well proportioned and consistently crafted hip hop numbers.

FloRidaOnlyOneFloThe record proves to be both a club and radio friendly release for the rapper whose popularity over the past two years has never dipped. With his first album spawning the ten week number one smash, Low, Flo Rida has been a staple in the rap genre ever since.

Here the rapper delivers a sturdy collection of RnB monsters, smooth and sensual urban pop grooves and pulsating dance numbers that easily combine the rappers hip hop roots with a merging of dance heavy beats, well constructed, A-list collaborations and the occasional sample with highly effective results.

Though established from across the pond, Flo Rida has made a name for himself on UK shores with the likes of Alexandra Burke, The Saturdays and David Guetta all calling on the rappers talents and  cherry picked for the cream of the UK’s finest rising stars.

Only One Flo (Part 1) is a versatile release with the rapper offering sections dedicated to dance floor fillers, gentle yet hook laden balladry and rap heavy collaborations with music mates including Akon’s rap licks on the memorable Who Dat Girl, David Guetta who slices up the recent number one hit Club Can’t Handle Me with pure perfection and Ludacris who, alongside Gucci Mane, delivers some fast paced vocals on the collections closer, Why You Up In Here, one of the records killer additions that includes a faultless chorus line of sensual rhyming.

With a number one track already nestled comfortably within the record, second single, Turn Around (5,4,3,2,1), is set to ignite the dance-floor top spot and is a highlight here as it utilizes a chorus sample of Swiss electro-band, Yello’s, eighties hit, Oh Yeah!.

With the simplicity of 8 tracks the collection gives us the chance to focus more on what we are listening to rather than becoming overwhelmed in what can usually turn into a packed record of hip hop fodder and unnecessary fillers.

Only One Flo (Part 1) is a brief yet well produced collection for the rapper and sets the scene for the follow up in the new year.

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