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Featured Artist: The Corrs (Part 1)

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Combining traditional Irish musical influences with mainstream pop helped make Irish sibling band The Corrs a monumental success throughout the nineties and early 2000’s. Bursting onto the pop scene in 1995, the refreshing sound of the band met the needs of many music fans who were less taken by the Britpop movement of the mid-nineties. That year the foursome – sisters Andrea (vocals), Sharon (violin), Caroline (drums) and brother Jim (guitar) – released their debut album Forgiven Not Forgotten, and quickly found a vacant position on the international stage following the release of several successful singles including Runaway, The Right Time and Love to Love You.

In 1997 the bands sophomore release, Talk on Corners, helped solidify The Corrs as a powerful force within pop music with singles Only When I Sleep, So Young and I Never Loved You Anyway becoming some of the collectives most celebrated hits and with a cover of the Fleetwood Mac hit, Dreams, the band established themselves as one of the biggest selling bands of the decade.

As the new millennium passed, The Corrs developed a more mainstream sound which gave a wider appeal to the U.S market. 2000 saw the release of the bands third studio album In Blue. While previous collections dripped with Celtic rock melodies and an Irish charm that became synonymous with the bands popularity throughout the nineties, In Blue delved into commercial pop music and electronica on a bigger scale with singles including Give Me A Reason, Irresistible and the bands number one single Breathless showcasing an evolving quartet who were ready to take on the world including and who had the famously difficult American market in their sights. Their quest to be a household name throughout the U.S came to fruition as Breathless become the bands most successful single in the States, making it into the Top 40 while reaching the top spot in the UK and throughout Europe while gained a Grammy nod for the outfit.

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With the release of their fourth studio album Borrowed Heaven in 2004, the band we still riding high on a wave of success that was closing in on a decade while momentum started slowing down for The Corrs with the release of 2005’s Home, a collection of Irish-themed covers and traditionals. The decade that The Corrs spent at the top saw the outfit turn full circle; from the Irish scented singles of debut album Forgiven Not Forgotten, The Corrs’ sound had climbed the mainstream pop ladder and returned to its roots as they bid farewell as a band and ventured into solo territory.

Ten years later, The Corrs are back with us with a brand new single, Bring On The Night which is taken from a highly anticipated studio release, White Light, set is to be unveiled at the end of November. The comeback has been a long time coming and from the sound of the lead single, fans of the sibling singer-songwriters are in for a real treat.

Check back with us soon for the 2nd part of our Featured Artist spotlight on The Corrs and our review of White Light.

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