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Album Review: Tülips – Doom & Boom

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Inspired by their love of rock n roll and blossomed after an exchange of mixtapes Tülips was formed with the ideal to create a band with real attitude and guts. Rooted in classic punk sensibilities but adding their own flair of Cali-Punk and RIOT grrrl sensibilities their LP Doom & Bloom is raw and real female fronted punk, with gritty lyrics and impeccable riffs.

Tulips Doom and BloomTülips do very well when it comes to hard hitting tracks, full of bold beats that hook you from the get go and vocals that build and build before exploding in a frenzy of angst. Queen’s Arms and Evil Eye are two of those tracks, the feedback at the opening of track demands attention before sparking into a heavy drum beat complimented only by the thrash of guitars which sometimes does leave the lyrics to be unheard. Like any good punk record the lines Tülips recite are riddled with angst, only aided by the power in the instrumentals. While you’re grooving to the rhythmic melody of Wait you’ll find yourself singing along with the great lines the track has to offer, such as “Give me something new, something I can choose, I’ve been racing around the world for someone who has a clue”. Right along with Wait is Hotspur another power punk tune with a steady drumbeat that makes jamming along a natural response, just try to avoid chanting “Everytime that you call, It’s my mistake. Everytime that you fall, It’s my escape”.

While their sound is far from flowery, the semi sweet vocals chanted over a band of full guitars sound almost organic. Tülips certainly got it right with this one; the 10-track collection that is Doom & Bloom is a fresh addition to the punk scene, full of thrashing beats and powerful vocals.