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Featured Artist: Newton Faulkner (Part 1)

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Newton Faulkner took the music world by complete surprise back in 2007 with a release that to this day remains of the most remarkable by any singer-songwriter past and present: Handbuilt by Robots.

The album, Faulkner’s debut, was propelled by a string of flawless single releases that showcased a truly captivating and gifted voice and a unique guitar playing style that has made Faulkner a hot commodity on the live circuit and festival scene around the world. Containing an epic cover of the former Massive Attack treasure, Teardrop, the guitar maestros take on the song pricked up the ears of millions of fans around the world and helped launch the record to the number 1 spot on the UK charts thanks to a plethora of fellow guitar fueled singles including I Need Something, Gone In The Morning and his signature mainstream pop hit, Dream Catch Me.

Faulkner released his follow up album, Rebuilt by Humans in 2009 and from that release several hit singles were offered to a fan base that was growing rapidly. Further tracks such as lead single If This Is It and Over and Out pushed the record to the number 3 spot on the charts.

Newton Faulkner 3

Mid-2012 saw the release of a brand new single in the catchy form of Clouds and soon after his 3rd studio album, Write It On Your Skin was released. A year later Faulkner created his 4th album under the watchful eye of his fans. Setting up cameras throughout his home, followers of the ginger-dreaded songsmith watched 24/7 streaming of Faulkner as he pieced together songs for his new album, the appropriately titled Studio Zoo which was released in 2013.

2 years on from his last studio album, Newton Faulkner is gearing up for the release of his 5th collection. Human Love has already hinted at a new chapter of Faulkner’s life and music with his new and lead single from the record, and Major Lazer cover, Get Free showing the musician shed his signature dreads in the video for the track.

We are huge fans of Newton here at Renowned For Sound and we are very excited about the return of one of the finest musicians of the past 20 years with this brand new record so it is with pleasure that we name Mr Faulkner as our latest featured artist.

Check back with us soon for the 2nd part of our Featured Artist spotlight on Newton Faulkner and our album review of Human Love!