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Album Review: Pentatonix – Pentatonix

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Grammy-award winning group Pentatonix have just dropped their self-titled album and the anticipation has been high. This is the first release by the group to mainly feature original material which has excited fans. Their YouTube channel currently has the 13th most subscribers overall, with their most viewed video being their unmissable tribute to Daft Punk, and they could easily be described as the world’s most exciting a cappella group right now.

Pentatonix - PentatonixWhat makes Pentatonix an exciting release is the energy, passion and precision that has gone into its sound. We already know what to expect with Pentatonix when it comes to using the human body/voice to make arrangements. Lead single Can’t Sleep Love is luscious and smooth and is guaranteed to stick in your head and some wicked vibes resonate from the club worthy Ref. The atmospheric Rose Gold earns a mention for its airy backdrop and empowering lead melody: it’s definitely a track that talks to you.

The group scored Jason Derulo for If I Ever Fall In Love and it doesn’t disappoint: the melody is sung over the perfect vocal backdrop and it’s so tantalisingly good. The deluxe edition features five extra tracks including their acclaimed cover of OMI’s hit Cheerleader, a version of Can’t Sleep Love featuring Tink as a guest vocalist plus more. The constant swapping of lead vocalists keeps your interest and from growing bored: another plus!

What an album Pentatonix is! If you haven’t been following this group over the past three years then you need to jump on board: they are a talent you can’t miss. A cappella isn’t for everybody but boy does it prove the people who state that the human voice is not an instrument wrong. Pentatonix have got it right and they don’t disappoint with their new album.