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Featured Artist: Jewel (Part 1)

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Throughout the 90’s, Alaskan hitmaker Jewel ignited something very exciting and unique in the singer-songwriter movement. Through the release of several records the musician scored a myriad of chart placing records and hit singles including her most successful to date, 1995’s Pieces of You. Over the course of a decade, Jewel rode a very successful wave and, along with fellow icons including Alanis Morissette, Lisa Loeb and Sarah McLachlan, helped pave the way for a new generation of musicians, propelling the ladies to the forefront of mainstream pop culture.

during the mid-to-late nineties Jewel remained one of the most influential acts in music thanks to a plethora of hit singles including Who Will Save Your Soul, Hands, Foolish Games, You Were Meant For Me and Standing Still but it wasn’t just the pop domain that the singer conquered. Never one to be restrained by a single genre, Jewel has often experimented with different styles and dipped her toe outside of her successful pop field and we witnessed this with her successful transition into Country music with the release of 2008’s Perfectly Clear, a release that provided further evidence that Jewel is no one trick musical pony.

Jewel 2

While Jewels return to mainstream pop has been a long time overdue, the singer is preparing her latest studio album which is set to be released in September – but its not just any regular release for the musician. The record, appropriately titled Picking Up the Pieces, has been described as a bookend of sorts to the superstars 1995 debut album, Pieces Of You, which also celebrates its 20th Anniversary this year. Going back to her folk/Americana roots, Picking Up The Pieces is surely set to become one of 2015’s most anticipated releases, along with the return of one of pop music’s most successful and talented staples.

Join us over the next couple of weeks as we celebrate the career of Jewel in the lead up to the release, and our review, of the musicians latest studio album – Picking Up The Pieces.

Check back with us soon for the 2nd part of our Featured Artist spotlight on Jewel!