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Album Review: Rob Thomas – The Great Unknown

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Ten years ago one of music’s highest acclaimed singer/songwriters embarked on his solo career, Rob Thomas sure has left his mark on the industry over the years. Not only has his writing with Matchbox Twenty earned him multiple Grammy awards and nominations, but his solo ventures have also helped staple him as one of music’s most distinctive and unique songwriters. 2005’s Something To Be spawned hits like Lonely No More and This Is How A Heart Breaks, while it’s follow-up album Cradlesong plagued the airwaves with Her Diamonds and Someday; after a six year break, Rob is back with some more solo work. His new album The Great Unknown has been highly anticipated and we can’t wait to give it a spin!

Rob Thomas - The Great UnknownLead single Trust You was definitely worth the wait, it was co-written with One Republic’s Ryan Tedder (you can tell!) and it’s so Rob Thomas yet so radio ready; the singer’s take on modern pop has always been a little left of centre, but that’s what makes his music sing. With Rob’s albums you get a bit of a mixed bag of upbeat, downbeat and all around tracks, right after we are treated to thumping goodness we are graced with the warm and subtle Hold On Forever. Title track The Great Unknown reminds us of the songwriter’s knack of writing an atmospheric and relatable ballad, then there’s the darker and more eerie Paper Dolls. The light hearted and easy going tracks like Heaven Help Me and Pieces also make the album an admirable listen; yet another diverse and attention grabbing release from the renowned singer/songwriter!

Rob Thomas has sat quite comfortably back in his throne, The Great Unknown was more like a reminder of what we already know about the gifted singer/songwriter; we get to appreciate his impact on the pop/rock genre once again. There’s enough track diversity to keep you hooked from beginning to end and you are enlightened by Thomas’ distinctive lyrical and vocal work, as well as his charm. A decent comeback to his solo career indeed, fans will devour The Great Unknown without hesitation.