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Feature: From Rehearsal to Concert: How Public Liability Insurance Keeps the Music Playing

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From Rehearsal to Concert: How Public Liability Insurance Keeps the Music Playing

Composing the perfect symphony takes a lot of work but amidst the artistry, there is a responsibility to ensure the safety of everyone involved. From musicians and audiences to venues, public liability insurance stands as the unsung guardian of the music industry and offers a safety net that allows the show to go on with confidence.

Even with the best-laid plans, things can go wrong during rehearsals and performances. Having the right insurance protects you as a musician against bodily injury of anyone who isn’t your employee or damage to property while performing either in a solo or as part of a group, band, or orchestra.

Securing Musicians Behind Closed Doors

There is no relationship stronger than that between a musician and their instrument, so you want to make sure that it is protected at all costs. Wear and tear such as surface damage and tarnishing can happen. Also, during handling, not having the right storage can lead to disaster. From mishandling onstage or backstage to damage from extreme temperatures and climates, there is a lot that can go wrong. Public liability insurance can protect your tools of the trade when you’re not using them or when accidents happen.

Protecting Production Crews and Technicians

Musicians and performers aren’t the only stars of the show and no performance would go to plan without the production crews and technicians behind them. Though these professionals are fully trained, accidents do happen.

From tripping over an instrument to dropping it during handling, damage sometimes occurs, and public liability insurance covers them. Legal costs to defend the claim and any compensation payments that might be due are covered.

Shielding Musicians and Performers Live Shows

Whether you’re in a band, orchestra or soloist, proper insurance means you’re covered in the case of loss, theft and accidental damage of your instruments and equipment. This also applies to any interaction with members of the crowd. Interacting with your audience is all part of the performance but actions like crowd surfing can sometimes injure yourself and audience members.

Crowd Safety

The audience is a major element in any musical affair and proper performance protects against any outcomes. It’s essential that all attendees are protected and potential risks during concerts are minimised.

Though most performances run without a problem, issues such as amp malfunctions and unstable speakers can damage the venue and members of the audience.

Compliance and Contracts

Safety for all is a priority but public liability insurance fulfils contractual obligations and any regulatory requirements. This provides peace of mind to musicians, venue owners and stakeholders.