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Album Review: Anne-Marie – Unhealthy

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Anne-Marie has enjoyed a wildly successful music career, with mammoth hits such as Rockabye and 2002 catapulting her high up into the charts and earning her no fewer than ten Brit Awards and even a spot on The Voice UK as a coach. With her brand new album Unhealthy, she delivers yet another smashing album and puts herself squarely back in the mainstream limelight.

One theme that is explored and fleshed out in it’s entirety on this record is one of revenge and coping with the breakdown of a toxic relationship, and with the opening double salvo of Sucks To Be You/Bad B!tch it kicks off with an absolute bang. The former may be a short and sweet intro track, but it’s lyrics drip with venom and attitude, and leads into a self-empowering anthem that is sure to make a fantastic opener at live shows. The next track Psycho opens with an Iggy Azalea-esque keyboard intro, and carries on the theme of retaining self-worth and strength after the discovery of a cheating partner.

Haunt You picks it up immediately after, but takes on a more contemplative route with the vocal style losing only a bit of attitude, but picks up some emphatic hooks that elevates it above the rest of the songs around it. These first five songs on the album can be seen as a journey within themselves, and the narrative concludes with the meaningful Trainwreck that lyrically explores how the process of going from pain and regret over a broken relationship can often leave you feeling stronger at the other end of the tunnel.

The song Grudge marks a shift in tone as it vocally shows a more mischievous streak with the lyrics “and I shouldn’t hold a grudge, but I wanna, I really, really wanna”.  It forms a perfect juxtaposition to Kills Me To Love You which takes on a seemingly more regretful style, with it’s soft arpeggiated guitar providing a fitting backdrop to lyrics musing on how a toxic and oftentimes hot-tempered relationship can be almost comforting, and those involved will feel as though their love burns all the brighter due to the increased passion.

It would be impossible to talk about this album without addressing the already gigantic hit Unhealthy which features a guest vocal from none other than Shania Twain herself. The song has an incredibly catchy chorus and has in fact gone viral on TikTok since it’s release, a testament to it’s masterful songwriting and the combined star power of the two talented singers.

In a world constantly saturated with catchy pop anthems, Anne Marie has brought her signature sadistic lyrics and her fiery talent together to create a passionate and attitude-soaked album that is sure to cement her status as one of the most iconic singers in our current generation.