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Single Review: Example – ‘Midnight Run’

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Rapping popster Example take a more club orientated approach with his latest single Midnight Run and sees the chart topper attempting to add a more versatile and experimental angle to his catalogue which has seen the star hailed as one of the best acts to emerge from the UK in many years.  Elliot John Gleave, aka Example, has built a sturdy name for himself over the past 24 months and has seen hits like Kickstarts and Won’t Go Quietly achieving Top 10 status.

ExampleMidnightRunWith his latest album Playing In The Shadows hitting the top spot in the charts and spawning two number one singles, Changed The Way You Kiss Me and Stay Awake, the success has since died down slightly for Example with the records third single, the collaborative effort Natural Disaster with Laid-back Luke, only just making the Top 40. December 5th sees the release of Midnight Run.

Unfortunately we sort of wish he had stayed in his pop comfort zone as the track falls flat on both memorability and also requirement within a market that club crossovers are already two a penny. After all if pop is what you do best, and that is the case with Example, then why fix what isn’t broken.

Though the step into a dance genre can work and prove to be lucrative for many artists it doesn’t quite do that for Example and the proof is in the pudding with Midnight Run as the track is more of a strained effort than a natural progression for the musician. The mixing of multiple dance genres, dubstep and hip hop makes the track feel like it hasn’t quite found its own direction or place and leaves us not only wanting more but also feeling shortchanged with what the single offers.