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EP Review: The Bohemian Embassy – ‘Seek Love’

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On the precipice of becoming the next big thing, The Bohemian Embassy is set to tantalise their fans, and entice more followers with their second EP Seek Love. Their sound can’t be pinpointed as a simple label of pop or rock or electronica. The Bath based 5-piece band consists of the eclectic sounds of Ben Angel (lead vocals and guitar), Luke Cradoc (bass), Will Jeffries (guitar), Jade Morris (violin) and Louis Lanfear (drums).

The Bohemian Embassy - Seek LoveAt times terms like sporadic and zany may not seem appealing, but when you get a load of the 7 unruly tracks in Seek Love, you’ll find it hard to describe The Bohemian Embassy’s music any other way. As soon as the song Trouble kicks in, there’s no going back. The intricate guitar riffs that lure you in. And the light-hearted melodies played by the synth in the background that contrasts Angel’s easy-going vocals acts like the calm before the storm. As the harmonies get stronger, the drums get heavier and the lyrics ‘if you don’t get in trouble, trouble gets in you’ start screaming at you, you get a sense that this EP isn’t a quaint collection of easy listening.

Things really get into full swing when the 3rd track Take You On A Rise plays. Angel’s vocals truly stand out in this song amongst all the chaotic smashing of the drums and ominous cooing of the backing vocals. It’s amazing how such a theatrical and animated voice works so well with what’s clearly a vigorous and sinister instrumental accompaniment. But somehow the band makes it work, and amongst what seems to be utter chaos is actually the sounds of two opposing sides miraculously working as one.

Seek Love has a good mix of outrageous hits, melodic ballads and war cry-like tracks. Rats In Paradise and Look East is sure to keep you glowing, This Song and Come And See (Met You In Another Life) acts a bit more sober than the rest of the songs, while the fast-paced Shake It Off (Seek Love) keeps on you on your toes. If you don’t feel even a little crazy after listening to this EP, you’re listening to it wrong.

With BBC Radio 6 cheering the band all the way, as they continue to receive all the press coverage, airplay, radio interviews and live sessions they can get their hands on, The Bohemian Embassy are making sure their music blows your mind, and the minds of anyone who’d dare to listen.