Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

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EP Review: Lemaitre – 1749

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Norway’s answer to melodic electronica, Lemaitre, is the duo of Ulrik Denziou Lund and Ketil Jansen and these two sure know what they’re doing – just listen to their latest EP 1749 and you’ll see. Walking the line between every genre imaginable, this pair takes the best elements of striking sounds, tempering a dance grove with infectious dynamics, thus creating quite the perky EP.

Lemaitre 1749Proving they’re not just artists working with beats, Lund also lends his vocals to opening track Not Too Late. Taking a retro 70s pop tone, Lund croons “not too late my friend to get up and try again” amongst the layered rhythm. While Stepping Stone diverts slightly, adding a grittier edge with the use of a hypnotic, bass intensive beat. Rounded out with Mark Johns serenading on its sing-along style chorus, quipping, “but I’m sure you might have heard that all that glitters ain’t gold”. Also making good use of a feature artist, Closer showcase the breathy vocals of Jennie A as she croons over a slinky up-tempo groove. And finally, closing out 1749 is technicolour fantasy that is Nishio 2, with its frenzied videogame style melody and the “I’m so happy” chant, it’s the perfect end to this feel-good EP.

1749 is only 5 tracks in length, but each boasts such an infectious energy and its own set of dynamic intricacies that truly endorse a fine level of craftsmanship. From the mellow and effortless pop laced tunes to the deeper, bass driven songs, there’s a fine balance of commercial club and pulsating grooves. With 1749 acting as a small taste of what’s to come for the Lemaitre debut, it’s safe to say we’re in for a real treat.