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EP Review: Jameson – Carnivore

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It’s hard to imagine that only two years ago the Californian folk musician, Jameson, was picking up a banjo for the very first time. Since then the impressive young folkster has released his debut solo record, Pronto, and now a brand new EP, Carnivore. Commendably sticking to a DIY approach, the self-taught musician wrote, performed and recorded this EP singlehandedly, however he did recruit producer Dallas Krusse and Rival Sons bassist Dave Beste to assist with the finishing touches. The result is a touching and impressive series of songs that captures Jameson’s endless talent as a songwriter and a musician.

Jameson CarnivoreThe EP begins with Breathe Your Last, whose upbeat banjo intro is hard to ignore. However Jameson’s touch is unique, playing more as though it were an electric guitar. This makes for an engaging hook to the album’s opener, soon followed by his breathtaking vocals.

Surprise causes quite an impact. Driven by a pounding drumbeat and a surprisingly catchy banjo melody, Jameson roars throughout this track. He balances his bold and husky vocals with a sensitive falsetto to give a raw performance. This track certainly stands out as a carefully considered and resolved achievement, impressive for such a new musician.

The following, Falling, is a slow and tender tune. Again reaching a balance between husky and falsetto vocals, Falling sees the detailed instrumentals taking a step back and allowing these vocals to shine through. Here Jameson also positions himself as a prolific lyricist, demonstrating a mature and capable approach to song writing. Despite the saddening nature of the lyrics, this tune provides a great comfort.

Everything Is Changed and Liar are both upbeat and warming tracks, the latter featuring vocals not dissimilar from husky Gomez singer Ben Ottewell, however the penultimate track, Remember, dominates this final half of the EP. A lot heavier than the previous songs, Remember is a gutsy, rock track in which the full impact of Beste’s contribution is felt.

Overall Carnivore is a considered and mature release from such a young musician. Raw and real, it captures a greatly talented performance, its brevity being its only shortcoming.