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EP Review: Great Good Fine Ok – 2M2H

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The band with a name that starts on a high and ends on a mediocre note release new EP 2M2H – but does their mix of synth and disco manage to create rhythms that will have you pulsating on the dance floor?

great good fine ok 2M2HThe Brooklyn duo is prone to a feel good song, and although this new crop of songs ventures into darker lyrics, it’s the upbeat tempo and vibrant feel that keep the EP alive. Too Much to Handle’s crisp synths are thrown over fine beats with a mesmerizingly bright undertone. More pop than MGMT, less dance than Calvin Harris – the band happily sitting on their own merits and playing to their strengths with the opening track.

Without You calls on the greats, with Daft Punk and Mr Michael Jackson being obvious influences; you can almost see the robot helmets made world famous by Random Access Memories, or envisage the electric dance steps of the king of pop. High vocals and snaps create a sound of euphoria that would make the grumpiest individual at least tap a finger, whilst at the same time creating a mix of infectious sounds behind a subtle but seductive rhythm.

Carried Away feeds in more big beats to leave you in electronica heaven, whereas Something to believe in’s nod to the 80’s – even including a sax solo – really brings the album to a beautiful conclusion. St Lucia makes a welcome addition to the track, featuring in a fantastic build up, which leads to a chorus filled with emotional mentality and heart on sleeve lyrics: ‘you can make my life and stay right’. 2M2H is a great little EP and well worth a listen.