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EP Review: Disclosure – ‘Moog For Love’

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With Caracal not even being a year old yet, Disclosure’s decision to release a new EP was somewhat surprising; even more so considering the lack of forewarning. Whether you loved or hated Caracal, Moog For Love basically comes forward as everything you’d expect it to be. It’s more of the house music that Disclosure is known for, somewhere between both albums stylistically and easy to get into.

Disclosure Moog For LoveThe songs on Moog For Love are all easy to get in, often extending over five minutes in length but being dancefloor friendly and incredibly catchy. The title track, produced in collaboration with Eats Everything, makes excessive use of a vocal sample from George Benson’s Moody’s Mood for Love, bordering on becoming an annoyance but working beautifully with the energetic beats that accompany it. Meanwhile, the much simpler BOSS keeps a steady groove for six and a half minutes, almost dragging on too long for its own good but with a beat that’s good enough to excuse the fact.  Being a mere three tracks long, it doesn’t leave much buffer room for its weaker moments to mix into the pack, which in turn is the biggest problem with the EP; the Al Green-sampling Feel Like I Do relies on such a straightforward sampling of Green’s original track with a rather uninspired beat to back it up that it feels insubstantial compared to the remainder of the EP, and drags the package down a bit.

None of the songs on Moog For Love are perfect productions, and after both Settle and Caracal it feels like an unnecessary moment that could have been saved for a larger future project. The title track and BOSS are nice cuts that Disclosure fans will love, but as a collection of three tracks nothing about any of them really stands out as making Moog For Love feel like something you absolutely must hear. It’s a decent diversion, but overall there’s nothing special here.