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DVD Review – Velociraptor

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Velociraptor, written and directed by Chucho E. Quintero, is the story of two friends testing the limits of their friendship in a way that not every friend would be willing to do. Friends always talk about how far they would go to help one another, and how much they really mean to one another, but in Velociraptor Alex (Pablo Mezz) and Diego (Carlos Hendrick Huber) really take it to the next level.

velociraptor dvd packshotPicture this: it’s the end of days and everyone is escaping to some unknown place that probably isn’t any safer than where they are now. Alex and Diego hang out in the local park, smoking weed and talking about girlfriends, boyfriends and Alex’s straight-boy blow job list. But Alex has something on his mind. He’s been seeing a man who he likes a lot, but he can’t bring himself to have sex with him. Alex can’t work out why he doesn’t trust his lovers, but he can never seem to move past his fears and have sex with one night stands, lovers or even boyfriends. But Alex has a plan. Alex asks Diego to have sex with him, because he already knows he can trust Diego. This, of course, doesn’t go down very well at first, but then Diego comes around to the idea after some consideration.

As far as apocalyptic films go, Velociraptor is actually very good. There are no aliens and no huge militaristic forces coming in to take over, the world’s rotation has simply slowed down and it’s messing with everything. People are scared, but they aren’t running for their lives down the streets, and no big gaping holes are appearing out of no where for them to fall into. It was actually quite refreshing for the world to go out with a fizzle rather than a bang.

And as for Alex and Diego? Well in the event of an apocalypse, I’d be ticking a few things off my list too. Alex and Diego navigate their way through what is possibly the most awkward sex scene I have ever seen with minimal weirdness. It’s more of a logistical sexual encounter than one of passion and lust. What seems to be on the fence though is Diego’s sexuality. Alex is one hundred percent sure of who he is, but Diego gives hints that maybe he is a little more into Alex then he ever lets on. But he never lets Alex see these moments.

Velociraptor is ultimately the story of one friend trying to help another through a particularly embarrassing time in his life. I enjoyed the fresh take on friendship, the apocalypse, and the exploration of the fact that sex is not easy for everyone. What I enjoyed the most about the film was that Diego moved past the events of the day and the two remained friends. A little weirdness can’t destroy every friendship. Velociraptor is entertaining and a little cringe worthy, but completely worth every minute I spent watching it.

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