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Single Review: Caro Emerald – ‘Liquid Lunch’

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Dutch singer-songwriter Caro Emerald has certainly struck a chord with many a listener, a fact which was validated when – somewhat surprisingly, yet fully deservingly – her second album, The Shocking Miss Emerald, stormed straight through the UK charts to perch proudly in the number 1 spot. It is an achievement that is, no doubt, a gratifying for one Emerald, and one which serves to only solidify her international appeal which is sure to be reinforced by the release of Liquid Lunch, the second single to be released from the album.

CaroEmeraldLiquidLunchThe song itself invokes imagery of of socialite society of a glamorous time gone by, with Emerald mourning the events of the previous night via the lyrics ‘Yeah baby, it hurts a bunch, your girl’s got going and we’re having lunch. I promise I’mma dine, I admit it’s the last time, I’ll never have a liquid lunch’ – a situation which, I’m sure, many can sympathise.

The jaunty beat of Liquid Lunch manages to precisely balance upon the fence between retro and contemporary. The song itself oozes class and sass and is thoroughly addictive, combining jazz and swing elements alongside witty lyrics, all of which personify exactly what Emerald is about. In comparison to her previous album, 2010’s Deleted Scenes From The Cutting Room Floor – a collection of songs which were inspired by Hollywood glitz and glamour and its corresponding jazz scene during the Golden Age of cinema – The Shocking Miss Emerald instead draws from Paris and its arts movement from a previous age of dangerous liaisons, art, photography, love and – of course – music. Snippets of such a romanticised era are echoed throughout Liquid Lunch which, if you close your eyes, you can envision yourself to be there, right alongside Miss Emerald.