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Album Review: Caro Emerald – Deleted Scenes From The Cutting Room Floor

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Caro Emerald is a new force of vocal talent that has been making quite an impact on the charts throughout Europe over the past year.

Originating from Denmark the sultry singer released her debut record last year in her homeland and as soon as it was released it shot straight to the top spot where it broke all sorts of records after remaining firmly fastened at the top for 27 weeks.

CaroEmeraldDeletedScenedA strong, confident example of what is perfect about the Jazz genre, her debut record, Deleted Scenes From The Cutting Room Floor, finally sees its release over here in the UK this month and this is a record we are ready to welcome with open arms.

Vocally trained in Jazz from an early age, Emerald has perfected her ability to deliver some truly spectacular masterpieces of Jazz pop brilliance. The record is one of boppy hits and fresh, crisp funk fueled and energetic gems that stick with you from the first listen and that you can’t resist bouncing around to. The energy and fiery enthusiasm that is laced throughout the record is what grips you and almost forces its likeability onto the listener.

The record opens with the vigorous That Man. With a fabulously arranged melody that introduces us to Emerald in grandeur, the track is a perfect opener and glimpse into what we can expect on the proceeding dozen tracks.

The records first single over here in the UK is Back It Up. The Caribbean infused, mambo coated track is the highlight on the record as it draws you into Emerald’s sensual storytelling. The track was the first written by Emerald and the one that gave the singer enough exposure to develop and master her signature sound and what would soon be the template for the parent record. The backing vocals are sweet as they plea “I wanna” in the chorus in between Emerald’s staccato rhyming.

The same Caribbean sound flows gently into the following The Other Women. A boppy delivery is traded in for a whispery calm disguising a bitter story of betrayal and desperation with the inclusion of a funky xylophone and some amazing guitar work which gives the track a worldly dressing.

Just One Dance is a leisurely number with a fantastic horn section and superb lounge feel to it that would suit any jazz bar perfectly as Emerald sways throughout the record showing of her passionately flawless vocals.

Pop infused Riviera Life follows and is one of the more commercial tracks with a subtle yet very effective string arrangement that compliments the tracks breezy and carefree feel as the singer highlights the perks of shedding the shackles of a stressful life and trading them in for life by the Riviera.

Big band instruments soak Deleted Scenes From The Cutting Room Floor and its done with flawless precision and a dedication of delivering some engaging tracks of Jazz and Lounge bliss.

Further down the record, Emerald’s love of big bands is thrown at us in full force with the Dr. Wanna Do. The horn section that drives Emerald’s sound is present in all its glory on this number. Described as Lois Clarke meeting her Superman, the track is a vivacious addition to the record.

I Know That He’s Mine is another standout on the record which opens with a delicate piano tinkering and proceeds into a mellow backdrop of cool reggae flavored beats and Emerald vocally rolling through the track with splendor and a sense of vulnerability. The addition of a pulsating accordion that reverberates throughout the number is also a complimenting supplement that gives the track a freshness to the latter half of the record.

Deleted Scenes From The Cutting Room Floor is an incredible collection of tracks from a singer that wreaks of talent and possesses the ability to write intricate and memorable gems that blend such a diverse range of genres like mambo, jazz, lounge, pop and funk to shape a extravagant debut that will surely see the singer wade rightfully into the mainstream pool with its release in the UK.

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