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Single Review: Brooke Fraser – ‘Something In The Water’

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Kiwi singer songwriter Brooke Fraser erupted on to the New Zealand music scene way back in 2003 with her debut album, What To Do With Daylight. The album instantly gave the singer celebrity status as all five single releases taken from the record fell into the Top 20.

BrookeFraserSomethingInTheWaterBecoming a staple on the charts throughout the Pacific, Fraser quickly became an acclaimed favorite and nation sweetheart at the youthful age of 20.

Combining her upbeat folk roots with some commercial pop influences, Fraser became established very steadily in her native New Zealand, fast gaining a dedicated and committed fan following that has been by her side throughout the years as she has traveled the world with her successful debut effort and follow up sophomore release, Albertine.

Fraser is now preparing to unleash her sweetly folk scented take on pop with the release of her third studio album, Flags, set to hit stores on April 11th. Acting as the singers UK debut, the album has been her most successful to date and has already spawned a number one single.

That number one single is Something In The Water and it is the singers most successful single of her career this far and it is only fitting that the track be the introductory release for Fraser to put her stamp on the UK mainstream.

Something In The Water is a gorgeously, high spirited nugget of folk laced pop wonder. Entwining Fraser’s engaging and carefree whiskey laced vocals that loop their way around a charismatic melody of thumping beats, clapping hands and an upbeat strumming backbone, Something In The Water proves to be a single where Brooke is able to put her vocal talents to the test as she rides the rhythm eloquently while exercising her range from some deep moments right up to her husky highs and all the while being backed up by some complimenting male back up chorus crooning.

Something In The Water is a stunning number taken from an inspiring record and from a truly gifted songbird who is set score herself even more success as the UK prepares itself for the talents of Brooke Fraser.