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Best Albums of 2015

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Every week the team here at Renowned For Sound spin dozens of new records, eagerly listening out for the cream of the crop in new music. While many miss the mark there are plenty of releases that come our way that excite, inspire and keep us begging for more.

With the year drawing to a close we thought it was the perfect time to reflect on the year so far and put together this years list of the releases that have kept us tapping our toes and humming along above all others that have been released throughout the last 12 months. This is a list of those titles (in alphabetical order) that we consider the best releases of 2015. Take a look and join the conversation by letting us here at Renowned For Sound know what release(s) have ticked all your boxes in 2015…

Artist: Adele    Album: 25

Adele - 2525 is a trembling, quivering thing, and yet it’s also as brash and powerful as they come. It wears its heart on its sleeve, and yet it never feels sappy or over-emotive. It’s loud and it’s gentle. It’s brash and it’s considered. It’s epic and yet mundane. It’s a thousand things at once, a collection of paradoxes and contrasts that nonetheless feels like its own resilient, fully formed work of art. – (Chosen by Joseph)

Top 3 tracks: Sweetest Devotion, Hello, River Lea

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Artist: Alaska Thunderfuck 5000    Album: Anus

Alaska Thunderfuck AnusIn the cut-throat industry of drag, it takes a strong attitude and plenty of self-confidence to make it work; there’s no better example for how it’s meant to be done than Alaska Thunderfuck. Anus is a varied mixture of sexuality, ferocity and playful fun, covering all facets that make up both Alaska and queens in general, backed up by electronic and pop beats to match. As drag queens move further into the mainstream spotlight, there’s none you should be watching closer than Alaska – (Chosen by Michael)

Top 3 tracks: Beard, Pussy, Your Makeup Is Terrible

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Artist: Ben Folds    Album: So There

Ben Folds - So ThereBen Folds has done it again, this time with the help of celebrated chamber music ensemble yMusic. His new album So There combines pop/rock and classical music to bring listeners a unique experience, but Ben Folds is known for shaking it up a little; once you get used to his work, he finds a way to better himself and expand his art to new horizons. Also included on the album is three movements of his Concerto For Piano and Orchestra with the Nashville Symphony, giving fans and listeners more insight to the depth of his talent.  – (Chosen by Marcus)

Top 3 tracks: Capable Of Anything, Phone In A Pool, I’m Not The Man

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Artist: Best Coast   Album: California Nights

Best Coast - California NightsCalifornia Nights is a straight shot of sunlight; a beautiful, chaotic, deliciously upbeat release that manages to be joyous and cathartic without ever sounding saccharine or gooey. It’s the most enjoyable record the band have yet turned in, but more than that, it’s their most heartfelt and solidly composed too – (Chosen by Joseph)

Top 3 tracks: Heaven Sent, Jealousy, In My Eyes

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Artist: Björk    Album: Vulnicura

Bjork - VulnicuraWith Vulnicura, Bjork turned in the finest album of her illustrious career. Genuinely moving in a way so few albums are, it managed to transform the story of Bjork’s own break up into ballads of human lust, love and heartbreak. Perfectly controlled and sustained, and boasting the most impressive string arrangements on a pop release in years, it is a work of transformative power – (Chosen by Joseph)

Top 3 tracks: Atom Dance, Black Lake, Mouth Mantra

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Artist: Blur    Album: The Magic Whip

Blur The Magic WhipBlur redefine, and reconfirm the greatness of their abilities with The Magic Whip. The album tosses and turns though influences put forward by Coxon and Albarn alike, and is surprisingly well structured for an album supposedly thought out over a single studio jaunt. This is an impressive return for the band, and hopefully a sign they will be recording more in the future – (Chosen by Jamie)

Top 3 Tracks: Lonesome Street, New World Tower, Ghost Ship

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Artist: Boy & Bear    Album: Limit of Love

Boy & Bear - Limit Of LoveThe third time around seasoned rock crooners Boy & Bear have delivered nothing but naked sincerity on Limit Of Love. It’s an honest take on life, love and everything in between. It’s an album that was certainly created with a live audience in mind, each of the tracks bubble with raw, vibrant energy; it’s a show stopping record that’s sure to take you on a journey – (Chosen by Jessica)

Top 3 tracks: Showdown, A Thousand Pieces, Man Alone

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Artist: Brandon Flowers     Album: The Desired Effect

Brandon Flowers The Desired EffectWith its 80’s tinged loveliness, The Desired Effect is a real step forward for Brandon as a solo artist. This time round he’s delved into his love of 80’s music and makes no apologies for borrowing from his biggest influences. What is born from this is a classic pop record that’s a sign of the maturity and skill of an artist at the top of his game – (Chosen by Jamie)

Top 3 tracks: Can’t Deny My Love, The Way It’s Been, I Can Change

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Artist: Bring Me The Horizon    Album: That’s The Spirit

Bring Me The Horizon Thats The SpiritThat’s The Spirit is more than just an album for Bring Me The Horizon, it’s a leap in the musical style of this once metalcore band. It’s an eloquent rock record with punk-pop influences with track meanings that will strike a chord in your heart. There’s so much attitude in this release that really does well to heighten the insane hooks and strong personal meaning in each song, this album is a must for any fan of the punk scene – (Chosen by Jessica)

Top 3 tracks: Avalanche, Follow You, What You Need

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Artist: Chelsea Wolfe    Album: Abyss

Chelsea Wolfe - AbyssChelsea Wolfe has spent the better part of her career running circles around those who would want to define her sound, and on Abyss she takes her sonic experimentation to another level. Mixing electronica, psych-rock, blues, and more, she sews together a tapestry of sounds and moods to create a wholly original, breathtakingly exciting work that stands at the pinnacle of her already dazzling career. – (Chosen by Joseph)

Top 3 Tracks: Iron Moon, Carrion Flowers, After The Fall

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Artist: Chvrches    Album: Every Open Eye

CHVRCHES Every Open EyeCHVRCHES are at the top of their game on Every Open Eye. By using their debut album The Bones of What You Believe as a template to improve upon, they’ve honed their craft to an amazing degree. It’s a brilliant collection of classic synthpop songs with their own unique style thrown in, with Lauren Mayberry’s distinctive voice finishing the package off perfectly. It initially seemed like it would be hard to top their debut album, but this time around they’ve managed to go above and beyond, making for one of the best sophomore albums of 2015. – (Chosen by Michael)

Top 3 Tracks: Bury It, Empty Threat, Afterglow

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Artist: Ciara    Album: Jackie

Ciara JackieJackie sees Ciara showing her increased confidence after the end of her engagement and the birth of her son. She’s showing more attitude than ever, and the album’s perfect mix of R&B and Pop and constant infectious hooks keeps it interesting even beyond the first listen. Ciara’s sounding better than ever. – (Chosen by Michael)

Top 3 tracks: Stuck On You, I Bet, One Woman Army

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Artist: Collective Soul    Album: See What You Started By Continuing

Collective Soul - See What You Started By ContinuingAs one of the defining rock bands of the nineties, Collection Soul’s career has been littered with monumental successes and their latest studio release, See What You Started By Continuing should easily go down as one of the outfits finest moments; placed beside the likes of early catalogue inclusions like Hints Allegations and Things Left Unsaid and their 1995 self titles release. Just listen to tracks like lead single This and album highlight AYTA and you will understand why these guys are one of the very best rock acts in the industry. – (Editors pick)

Top 3 tracks: AYTA, This, Hurricane

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Artist: Conchita Wurst    Album: Conchita

Conchita Wurst ConchitaConchita is a brilliant debut by Austrian singer and 2014 Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst. Filled with drama, Conchita’s strong vocals an abundance of uplifting messages, the album is a celebration of power and raw emotion. Not only is this a great pop debut, but also the album intermingles with different genres including electro, ethno sound, jazz and ballads. Within this album Conchita is strong, powerfull and flawless – (Chosen by Andja)

Top 3 Tracks: You Are Unstoppable, Colours of Your Love, Pure

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Artist: Courtney Barnett    Album: Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit

Courtney Barnett Sometimes I Sit and Think, And Sometimes I Just SitShould Courtney Barnett be made Australian of the year? Yep. Is Sometimes I Just Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit one of the albums of the year? You betcha. Is Pedestrian At Best one of the year’s finest singles? Certainly. Are people going to be talking about this album for decades to come? Without a doubt – (Chosen by Joseph)

Top 3 tracks: Elevator Operator, Depreston, Small Poppies

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Artist: Daniel Johns    Album: Talk

Daniel Johns - TalkGone is the Daniel Johns we first made acquaintances with, and here is the new and improved Daniel Johns who blew our minds away with a stunning electro-pop debut solo album, Talk. You can listen to it the whole way through and not think about rock outfit Silverchair once, Johns has truly evolved and stepped out into his own divide. For an artist to step away from his stigma as the frontman of a rock group to an established solo experimental pop artist is a demonstration of pure talent, which Johns has always had – (Chosen by Marcus)

Top 3 tracks: We Are Golden, Preach, Going On 16

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Artist: Deafheaven    Album: New Bermuda

Deafheaven - New BermudaSomehow both as brutal and yet as heartfelt as their debut record, New Bermuda is a blistering, beautiful release, one that mixes up horror and tragedy with some surprisingly catchy riffs. It’s difficult, sure, but in the best possible way, and it stands as the very finest release the group have yet churned out. – (Chosen by Joseph)

Top 3 tracks: Brought To The Water, Luna, Baby Blue

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Artist: Diana Krall    Album: Wallflower

Diana Krall - WallflowerDiana Krall releases her covers albums in a very interesting way indeed, often spanning over two or three decades; with Wallflower she covered from the mid 1960’s-80’s, and boy did she do them justice. Diana sang the collection of songs as if she had written them herself, but what also made the album sparkle was its glistening instrumentation – (Chosen by Marcus)

Top 3 tracks: Superstar, I Can’t Tell You Why, Don’t Dream It’s Over

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Artist: Du Blonde    Album: Welcome To Black Milk

Du Blonde - Welcome Back To MilkBy abandoning a moniker and a sound and adopting entirely new ones, Beth Jeans Houghton has crafted her most personal release yet. Welcome Back To Milk is a brilliant, emotive listen: one that feels fresh and energetic, and yet complex and human too – (Chosen by Joseph)

Top 3 tracks: Black Flag, Raw Honey, If You’re Legal

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Artist: Florence and the Machine    Album: How Big How Blue How Beautiful

Florence and the Machine How Big How Blue How BeautifulBy switching gears and reinventing her sound, Florence + the Machine has made something that transcends what came before. The 70s style rock sound of How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful is different enough to create a fresh album, but suitable enough to carry Florence’s mannerisms, while still feeling like a natural progression. How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful is a gem – (Chosen by Michael)

Top 3 tracks: Delilah, St Jude, Mother

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Artist: Girl Band    Album: Holding Hands With Jamie

Girl Band - Holding Hands With JamieA dark and difficult as Girl Band’s Holding Hands With Jamie might be, the work also contains a stunning streak of life. It is, after all, filled with imagination; a stunning testament to the vibrancy and creativity of the young man responsible for its creation. Though it was constructed in the shadow of personal pain, it’s a triumphant work; one unlike many others. It demands your attention. – (Chosen by Joseph)

Top 3 Tracks: Paul, Umbungo, Texting an Alien

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Artist: Grimes    Album: Art Angels

Grimes Art Angels

Grimes has truly outdone herself on Art Angels. Even as she navigates through a more accessible pop sound, the influences from her previous albums is still clear as day, mixing together to create something truly fresh and exciting. From saccharine pop to EDM and rap tracks, the album moves seamlessly through dozens of influences without losing its connected identity, and without missing a single beat. If there was ever a time to get into Grimes, it would be with Art Angels. Easily one of the best albums to come out in 2015 – (Chosen my Michael)

Top 3: Artangels, Kill V. Maim, Flesh without Blood

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Artist: James Morrison    Album: Higher Than Here

James Morrison - Higher Than HereEnglish singer/songwriter James Morrison came back as strong as ever with Higher Than Here. His voice was on point, the overall sound of the album was stellar and it left you wanting more. It’s like he didn’t have a four year break from releasing new material at all!! – (Chosen by Marcus)

Top 3 tracks: Demons, Reach Out, Just Like A Child

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Artist: Janet Jackson    Album: Unbreakable

Janet Jackson - UnbreakableIt’s been seven years but Janet Jackson is still as strong as ever with her 11th studio album Unbreakable. Her voice is still as youthful and feminine as ever, the tracks are relatable like most of her previous releases and she hasn’t lost her charm. Though it may not be the best comeback ever seen, it sounds great and fans can be assured that Jackson is still in fine form. – (Chosen by Marcus)

Top 3 tracks: BURNITUP!, Broken Hearts Heal, Gon’ B Alright.

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Artist: Jewel    Album: Picking Up The Pieces

Jewel Picking UP The Pieces compSinger Jewel has been on the scene for over 20 years now, her debut album Pieces Of You was a smash hit and the world fell in love with her folk influences. After delving deeper into the world of pop and mainstream music, Jewel has revisited those roots with her latest album Picking Up The Pieces, which she self-produced. It’s refreshing to hear an artist of Jewel’s calibre strip back the production and work with a live band, thus delivering a raw and intimate release that her fans will instantly fall in love with. – (Chosen by Marcus)

Top 3 tracks: Love Used To Be, Pretty Fooled Face, My Father’s Daughter

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Artist: Joss Stone    Album: Water For Your Soul

Joss Stone Water For Your SoulThus far Joss Stone has had a fruitful career and the world has been in love with her talent for the 10+ years she’s been on the music scene. Water For Your Soul is the singer’s 7th studio album, and it’s an inspiring treat for the ears; you’ll find yourself enjoying the infusion of reggae and world music, with the emotive and percussive track arrangements and influential lyrics that encourage you to let your stress go and live life to the fullest. – (Chosen by Marcus)

Top 3 tracks: Star, Let Me Breathe, The Answer

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Artist: Julia Holter    Album: Have You In My Wilderness

Julia Holter - Have You In My WildernessJulia Holter has been churning out brilliant albums for years, but Have You In My Wilderness might be her magnum opus. It’s certainly the most poppy record she has yet recorded. Not to say that Holter has sold out though; the arch, intelligent side of her work is still present, and she hasn’t toned down her experimental preferences in the slightest. Instead, Have You In My Wilderness sees the mythic and the mainstream clash in thrilling ways. – (Chosen by Joseph)

Top 3 tracks: Sea Calls Me Home, Everytime Boots, Feel You

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Artist: Kendrick Lamar    Album: To Pimp A Butterfly

Kendrick To Pimp A ButterflyTo Pimp A Butterfly can be read as the sonic biography of a nation, enveloped by Lamar’s sharp poeticism, social awareness and deep political participation. The album ambitiously expands upon Lamar’s musical influences, abandoning many preferred hip-hop structures for elements of avant-garde jazz, soul, and funk. Lamar is fearless from second one; making it clear that To Pimp A Butterfly is anything but apolitical or unmoved. This near 80 minutes of ground-breaking, and overwhelming analysis, opinion and reality is accompanied by a flood of exciting and ambitious music; an amalgamation of influences that diverge drastically from mundane populism – (Chosen by Meggie)

Top 3 tracks: King Kunta, The Blacker The Berry, Mortal Man

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Artist: Kodaline    Album: Coming Up For Air

Kodaline - Coming Up For AirTo put it simply, Kodaline did something that really hit the spot with their sophomore effort Coming Up For Air; you found yourself hooked on every upbeat and catchy track, you were also captivated by the rawness of the deeper and more downbeat numbers too. What was also notable was that the album consists of sixteen tracks, which would usually be perceived as being too many on a standard album, but surprisingly doesn’t put a downer on the quality of the music – (Chosen by Marcus)

Top 3 tracks: Honest, Human Again, Lost

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Artist: Little Boots    Album: Working Girl

Little Boots Working GirlWorking Girl sees Little Boots overcoming her struggles with the corporate side of the music world and finally coming out on top. It’s a deep house synthpop album that uses its airtight concept and Hesketh’s masterful lyrics to create something that feels really special. As both a concept album and a regular album, it’s a joy to listen to from beginning to end. Finally, the working girl is coming out on top. (Chosen by Michael)

Top 3 tracks: Real Girl, Get Things Done, Taste It

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Artist: Mackintosh Braun    Album: Arcadia

Mackintosh Braun - ArcadiaMackintosh Braun have a clear vision and keen ears when it comes to making their music, Arcadia is perhaps the pinnacle of their career so far. Each song seemed to belong one hundred percent and they differed from each other greatly, giving the album some diversity and anticipation for listeners as to where the sound was going to wind up next – (Chosen by Marcus)

Top 3 tracks: The City Below, In Reverse, Holding Pattern

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Artist: Marina & The Diamonds    Album: Froot

Marina and the Diamonds - FROOTAt times it is hard for an artist to try something new or to build up on an existing sound they have already been known for, but what Marina And The Diamonds achieved with Froot was spectacular. Marina continued to write and record catchy, fun and quirky pop/electronic tracks while still managing to pen some decent lyrics; now this is an artist who understands the importance of gradual evolution, the changes are there but in small doses. It makes you wonder what the next release to follow Froot will be like – (Chosen by Marcus)

Top 3 tracks: Happy, Froot, Solitaire

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Artist: Mika    Album: No Place In Heaven

Mika No Place In HeavenNo Place In Heaven is a refreshing pop album that showcases Mika’s shift from campy style to more mature pop. The great success of this album is the candid quality of the stories told, as well as the variety in musical composition. Lyrically, this album is propelled to great heights as the lyrics are complex, honest and clever. This album is filled with a lot of heart and simply put – pop genius – (Chosen by Andja)

Top 3 Tracks: All She Wants, No Place In Heaven, Hurts 

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Artist: Muse    Album: Drones

Muse - DronesMuse approached making Drones a little different than their previous two records by going back to basics and focusing on one concept. The trio dropped the theatrics and focused more on incorporating instruments back into their songs so they can practically perform the entire album live, injecting a decent rock record back into their once heavy rock-laden career. With a relatable concept and delivery that only Muse could muster, Drones is a must have for 2015 – (Chosen by Marcus)

Top 3 tracks: Dead Inside, Psycho, The Handler

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Artist: Newton Faulkner    Album: Human Love

Newton Faulkner Human LoveFurther solidifying his position as one of the finest singer/songwriters of the past 15 years, Newton Faulkners welcome return in 2015 with new LP Human Love graced us with a collection of expertly crafted career highlights and his finest release since the musicians Handbuilt By Robots debut. Fronted by an epic cover of Major Laazer hit Get Free, the tracklisting plays like a greatest hits round up with highlights including Passing Planes, Shadowboxing and Up Up and Away providing long-time fans with a stellar addition to their Faulkner collection and new audiences with a superb introduction to a modern day guitar and vocal icon. – (Editors pick)

Top 3 tracks: Passing Planes, Get Free, Up Up and Away

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Artist: Ricky Martin    Album: A Quién Quiera Escuchar

Ricky Martin A Quien Quiera EscucharRicky Martin’s A Quien Quiera Escuchar was captivating, but it may have been completely different if it had been recorded in English; having Google Translate handy made the listening experience all the more fun, it gave you a general gist of what the superstar was singing about. You just felt every emotion Martin was expressing in each lyric, he really know how to use that voice of his to soothe you and touch your soul –  (Chosen by Marcus)

Top 3 tracks: Adiós, Disparo al Corazon, Isla Bella

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Artist: Rumer    Album: B-Sides and Rarities

Rumer BSides and RaritiesCollating a string of unreleased gems, rarities and b-sides into one stunning collection is exactly what Rumer’s 2015 was all about. Like many acts, Rumer has of course had tracks hit the cutting room floor for one reason or another or overshadowed as a b-side under the wings of one of her many singles over the years. B-Sides and Rarities places these numbers into a nice, neat little package and is the perfect addition to any Rumer fan or fan of adult contemporary croonings from one of the most talented vocalists in music today. – (Editors pick)

Top 3 tracks: Long Long Day, Dangerous, Soul Rebel

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Artist: Ryan Adams    Album: Ten Songs Live At Carnegie Hall

Ryan Adams - Ten Songs From Live at Carneige HallMuch more than just a lazily constructed cash grab, Ten Songs From Live At Carneige Hall sees Ryan Adams show off his incredible strengths as a singer/songwriter. As always, his honesty and emotive lyric impresses, but from the record emerges a portrait of the man himself: an intelligent, funny and deeply humble human being named Ryan Adams – (Chosen by Joseph)

Top 3 tracks: Gimme Something Good, Oh My Sweet Carolina, Kim

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Artist: Say Lou Lou    Album: Lucid Dreaming

Say Lou Lou Lucid DreamingSay Lou Lou first created ripples in the electro-pop scene a few years ago when their first few singles gained them widespread attention from some of the biggest blogs and publications around the globe. It took the pair, sisters Elektra and Miranda Kerr, quite a while to follow up with a full length record but when they did fans were offered something truly exceptional with Lucid Dreaming providing the pair with a sturdy debut of 11 dream pop tracks including singles Everything We Touch and Games For Girls. The record is one of the best releases of the past decade in the genre of electronic pop music and should definitely be included in the collection of anyone who considers themselves as a purveyor of finely crafted music – (Editor’s pick)

Top 3 tracks: Everything We Touch, Beloved, Wild as the Wind

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Artist: Shane Filan    Album: Right Here

SHANE FilanFormer Westlife front man Shane Filan delivered a fairly flawless sophomore in 2015 with Right Here serving the crooner with a follow up to his 2013 You & Me debut. Focusing on his love of balladry, Right Here is a tearjerker collection of piano ballads and welcomes Nadine Coyle of Girls Aloud fame for the token duet and album highlight, I Could Be. – (Editors pick)

Top 3 tracks: I Could Be, Me and the Moon, Better off a Fool

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Artist: Skye    Album: In A Low Light

Skye - In A Low LightMorcheeba vocalist Skye unveiled her fourth solo album ‘In A Low Light’ this year and it was absolutely stunning! Her concept was to make an album that you could easily fall asleep to, but as you listened to the album it was quite clear that it became more than that. The overall sound is smooth and luscious, satisfying and relaxing: the perfect combination of vibes. – (Chosen by Marcus)

Top 3 tracks: Said And Done, Cry, and In A World Unkind

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Artist: Stereophonics    Album: Keep The Village Alive

stereophonics keep the village aliveStereophonics are quite a unique group; especially when many artists and groups today spend a lot of time adapting to the mainstream. Not this group though! With Keep The Village Alive, Stereophonics have managed to maintain what they and their fans have loved about their music all along, and that is obviously the pure love you can hear poured into every track. The new album is intriguing from beginning to end, you won’t be easily disappointed! – (Chosen by Marcus)

Top 3 tracks: C’est La Vie, Sing Little Sister, Fight Or Flight

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Artist: Texas    Album: Texas 25

Texas - Texas 25Texas have been a staple in pop/rock for over a quarter of a century. With international singles including I Don’t Want A LoverSummer Son, Say What You Want and Inner Smile, the Scottish outfit, fronted by talented lead singer Sharleen Spiteri, have long since proven their place in music’s history books. Their latest collection is a celebration of their 25 years as one of music’s best selling acts and to celebrate the milestone, the band have re-recorded some of their biggest singles with Motown makeover alongside 4 brand new numbers including the stunning lead single, Start A Family – (Editor’s pick)

Top 3 tracks: Inner Smile (Truth And Soul Session), When We Are Together (Truth And Soul Session), Start A Family

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Artist: The Corrs    Album: White Light

The Corrs White LightAfter 10 years apart, Irish sibling outfit The Corrs returned this year with one of the finest releases of their career. With Bring On The Night taking on lead single responsibilities and fronting the bands long-awaiting return to the world stage, the release is dotted with potential singles like Unconditional, Do What I Like, White Light and the sweeping balladry of Kiss of Life. White Light is a superb return to true 5 star form for our favourite Irish pop collective. – (Editors pick)

Top 3 tracks: Unconditional, Bring on the Night, White Light

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Artist: The Garden    Album: HaHa

The Garden - hahaHaHa is one of the weirdest albums of the year. It’s also one of the best. Strange, seductive, and utterly unique, the record is filled with bizarre lyrics and catchy choruses. It’s so fresh as to feel inspired by nothing at all; one of the most singularly impressive debuts in recent memory. It’s a presence; a force. It’s brilliant. – (Chosen by Joseph)

Top 3 tracks: Cloak, Egg, I Guess We’ll Never Know

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Artist: The Riptide Movement    Album: All Works Out

The Riptide Movement - Getting ThereGetting Through is an absolutely stellar release from Irish rockers The Riptide Movement who have done more than create songs – they created tracks with energy and passion that are almost anthems for the youth. You’ve got catchy riffs and bouncing beats and then you’re struck with moving, folk tunes that come from a truly personal place to really sink your soul into. This is one album that will take you on a spirited journey – (Chosen by Jessica)

Top 3 tracks: Animal, All Works Out, You And I

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Riptide Movement


Artist: Tina Arena    Album: Eleven

Tina Arena ElevenTina Arena came back as strong as ever with her stunning eleventh studio album, Eleven. Each track was sung with heart, emotion and realness and it was all delivered in the form of elegant pop. Arena has a voice that seemingly never ages and that is what makes the album one of the most beautifully crafted albums this year. – (Chosen by Marcus)

Top 3 tracks: Overload, When You’re Ready, and Karma

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Artist: Tori Kelly    Album: Unbreakable Smile

Tori Kelly Unbreakable SmileTori has the voice of an angel, and it came in handy to make her album debut Unbreakable Smile as beautiful as it is. After being graced by her various acoustic sessions on her ever-growing YouTube channel, it was great to embrace an album packed with RnB vibes infused with pop and powerfully emotional vocals and lyrics. There is no denying Tori Kelly’s star potential, Unbreakable Smile demonstrates that with ease – (Chosen by Marcus)

Top 3 tracks: Nobody Love, I Was Made for Loving You, City Dove

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Artist: VV Brown    Album: Glitch

V V Brown GlitchFollowing up her spectacular 2013 sophomore studio album Samson & Delilah with another outstanding collection was always going to be a difficult task right from the onset however VV proved that her talents aren’t limited to a single record as new LP Glitch proved. Led by lead single Glitch and recent offering, Lazarus, Glitch pulls together elements of her previous record with a new club-inspired injection that pushed the boundaries of VV’s musicianship and songwriting to new limits. – (Editors pick)

Top 3 tracks: Switch, Lazarus, Flatline

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Artist: Waxahatchee    Album: Ivy Tripp

Waxahatchee - Ivy TrippAs Waxahatchee, Katie Crutchfield seems to be rapidly becoming one of her generation’s most impressive and powerful voices. Ivy Tripp sees the singer-songwriter at her intelligent, heartfelt best: it’s a record that positively beams with a considered, down to earth hope. It’s a feel-good album in the best sense of the word, and a powerful summation of everything the young artist stands for – (Chosen by Joseph)

Top 3 tracks: Bonfire, The Dirt, Under A Rock

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