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Album Review: Willie Nelson – Band of Brothers

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Band of Brothers is the brand new release from country music veteran Willie Nelson. The album is the much-anticipated follow up to 2011’s All The Girls and is the first album of mostly original material from Nelson in almost 20 years.  It has been produced by Buddy Cannon and was recorded late last year, featuring 14 tracks including a couple of re-working’s – Vince Gill’s Whenever You Come Around and Billy Joe Shavers The Git Go.

Willie Nelson - Band Of BrothersNelson brought together the pop and country genres with his early successes, earning an incredible back catalogue of music to put to his name. He spans a musical career of pushing sixty years and quite rightly has earned himself a place on the country/pop music podium.

Band of Brothers is opened with Being It On. It’s a cowboy-esque, lone ranger kind of number – laid back without a care in the world, helped along with a good-time shuffle from the drums. It introduces us to Nelsons calming influence pouring through the speakers. It is followed by the similarly soothing Guitar In The Corner, reassuring us the opener wasn’t a one hit wonder. And it is this word – ‘soothing’ which describes the album best. It is full of easy-on-the-ears melodies, harmonica licks and drum licks that sit perfectly underneath the plucking of guitars, with Nelson’s tuneful yet rustic voice rolling over the top. What more could you ask for?

Nelson states: With writing, some days you feel like doing it, some days you don’t” and he admits to having burnt himself out in the past,Like they say I hit the wall”, which is what brings us to latest single The Wall. It is perhaps the strongest song on the Band of Brothers. It is cleverly co-ordinated, with an echoing harmonica making an appearance throughout, accompanying some tricky guitar work.

On the whole Band of Brothers is a fairly introspective album. Nelson is often looking inwards at himself, whether it is relationships, his career and the road he has travelled. Wives and Girlfirends, I Thought I Left You and title-track Band of Brothers are good examples of his intimate writing style. In the latter Nelson sings “Were a Band of Brothers, of Sisters and whatever, I know you love me cause’ I love you too” calling out to his band and his journey thus far.

The album is great effort from the country troubadour, and it is wonderful to see the desire to create still resonates with Nelson and his band of merry men. Band of Brothers takes you on his journey, his path and his look on life. He sings at you with a delicate delight, with that dusky voice oozing tonal qualities. Whether you’re a long time fan, a fan of country music or even able to appreciate years of talent and experience when you hear it, Band of Brothers will keep you smiling, interested and put you in a reflective mood for the rest of the afternoon