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Album Review: Vince Gill – Down To My Last Bad Habit

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Vince Gill released his first solo album, Turn Me Loose in 1984 and has been a mainstay in country music ever since. He’s won numerous awards, including a number of Grammy to call his own. Down to My Last Bad Habit is an album from an iconic artist who knows how to write a song or two. The album shows off Gill’s voice with its soulful RnB style hitting the listener with a sincerity that comes with maturity.

Vince Gill Album CoverFrom the very start, Gill relies on his voice, and while being great pieces of work, the songs are a bit slow. Reasons For The Tears I Cry is the records heartfelt first track, yet lacking in anything that takes hold of the listener; something that is important in an opening track. The title track is a piece written for his wife, singer-songwriter Amy Grant and carries a sense of particular importance for that reason among these new tracks.

Make You Feel Real Good is where the album finally kicks off; Gill putting more focus on the music over showing off his vocals. It’s a toe-tapping, rollicking track that is one for couples to dance to.

I’ll Be Waiting For You (featuring Cam) is a soft and tender tune. It’s good for those who are feeling sentimental and nostalgic. There’s a maturity in the songwriting, and Gill shows he doesn’t want to stop writing music. If you’re not in a sentimental mood, then it can feel as if the album is dragging on.

Gill shows he’s grown since he first came on to the country music scene. He knows how to write a well written song and deliver it with conviction. This one is a record for the fans; fans who will enjoy the album for its feeling, emotion and precision.