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Album Review: Ty Segall – Emotional Mugger

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American singer/songwriter Ty Segall has always been able to capture listeners with his unique garage rock/punk/psychedelic influenced music. Although it seems that his sound has mellowed as each album has dropped, he still puts enough energy into each record to thrive. With seven solo albums already up his sleeve at the young age of 28, you could say he’s already seasoned. Segall has now returned with his 8th studio album, Emotional Mugger.

Ty Segall - Emotional MuggerThe album takes off without any hesitation; opening track Squealer is disjointed in the verses but everything comes together for the tracks growling chorus. Even trippier is Emotional Mugger/Leopard Priestess; the addictive guitar screeches and the whiny/subtle vocals working together to deliver a rough and earthy track.

Ty is consistent throughout the album. It doesn’t sound like there is one song that doesn’t belong here; a testament to the musician’s staying power as an influential artist throughout an enviable career. Emotional Mugger is an album that you’re supposed to pump up the volume to.

With Candy Sam, while the instruments take control of the track and the vocals lay low, Ty still manages to roar through the worthy album addition while the album ends on a much more mellow note with engaging, The Magazine.

In a world where pop music seems to dominate, it’s almost refreshing to hear something less polished and more rough around the edges; and for that you can thank Ty Segall for Emotional Mugger.