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Album Review: Trivium – Vengeance Falls

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The sixth album by Trivium has attracted great deal of hype and lots of rumours since being announced way back in January this year. A question on every Trivium fan’s mind was “where and what can they possibly bring to the table the sixth time around and still have it feeling fresh and new?”.  Bassist Paolo Gregoletto responded in an issue of Loud with one word – “heavier”. He also talked about how they wrote their last album over the course of two years and with two different drummers in a bid to showcase their abilities more so than their songs. So the hype was that Vengeance Falls looked set to be heavier, louder and bigger than anything they have previously done. Frankly, it is!! With producer David Draiman (lead singer of Disturbed) and Colin Richardson who has mixed albums for bands such as Slipknot, Fear Factory and Devildriver (to say a few), Vengeance Falls is a certainty to get them closer to icon status in the metal world.

TriviumVengeanceFallsRight from the word “go”, on the first track Brave The Storm, you get the sense this album is going to work. Both guitarists have tossed aside complicated riffs to make the song cleaner and less ‘progressive’ when compared to Trivium’s last album In Waves. This track is a great opener for the album, and my mind a great opener for when Trivium play live. Vengeance falls (the song) reminds me a lot of Trivium’s mega song Down from the Sky, with a “huge stuck in my head” chorus. The song layout is remarkably similar and it works to provide a stand out song. Strife is a catchy tune to say the least evident from the crowd shouting “I” midway through the song. It’s also super clean featuring a tight guitar solo, and solid drumming which provides you with the necessary balance to the records metalcore screaming.

The weird thing for me is that, although everything is going right with this album, frankly I’m still not a big Trivium fan. I can’t get to the point where I say “wow, why the hell haven’t I been listening to this band”? It has changed my view of Trivium (and its worth first time listeners giving it a go) but I feel the same way about them I feel about Metallica – I’m not into them but I can appreciate their talent and good music despite my personal feelings. Only time will tell if this album has done enough to take Trivium to icon status like their idols Metallica did with The Black album.

Trivium will be infecting waves of fans with metalcore mania when they play Soundwave 2014 next year, so if you’re a first time listener or a lifelong fan, be sure to catch them while they’re in the land down under!

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