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Album Review: The View – Ropewalk

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The View is a group of musical achievers hailing from Scotland, and their fifth album Ropewalk is due out in September. Their sound incorporates so many elements into their music that trying to pigeonhole them into one neat genre would be considered a crime. They go from smooth indie crooners, to total rockers all in a neat Celtic stimulated package in the amount of time it takes to get from the first verse to the chorus. It’s a style that should make their music messy but somehow the contrasting melody styles work to compliment the vocals and lyrics quite nicely.

The View - RopewalkThe lads behind The View changed up their usual style of production and welcomed aboard various influences to really take Ropewalk to the next level. Each track is an inventive take on a mash up of sorts with every element; subtle drumbeats might be partnered with heavier riffs and smooth vocals, inspired by ballads might be married with intense drums to really give the track an edge. Some tracks on the album like Psychotic, Tenement Light and, Voodoo Doll have you hooked from the second the first stick hits the drum kit, they’re full of killer beats and spoken word inspired verses that adds another quirky layer to this already intriguing module of sound. It’s songs like these that are almost reminiscent of classics from the pop/rock wave in the 80s, there’s a light-hearted spirit in the instrumentals and the use of the backing vocals amp up the entire track.

While others on the record might take a touch longer to win you over, like the wildcard of the album Cracks, musically it’s quite crazy and it’s full of energy but it does stand out above the rest and not in the way you’d hope. It’s just a bit too odd in comparison with the rest of the album, although I do see it growing on you in time; the vocals drip with their Scottish heritage and are quite catchy. On the other side of tracks that will need a bit more time to win you over is Talk About Two it starts off slow and builds up towards the chorus. It’s a much slower melody with simple backing chords that let the passion in the vocals shine through to really summon the emotion within the track.

Ropewalk invokes a lot of passion in a short period of time, each track is sung with an appealing Celtic flair that really sets The View apart in the sea of alternative releases. It’s a collection of pure indie melodies only elevated by rock riffs that work to have you appreciating The View in a new light. You’re struck with choruses that will stick with you for days and beats that will have you jamming right along side them. They’ve really pushed themselves to create something unique and exciting; The View is on fire with Ropewalk.