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Album Review: The Stone Foxes – Twelve Spells

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Twelve Spells marks the fourth studio release for American rock n rollers The Stone Foxes, as they make a return with their latest 13 tracks. Packing each full of bluesy-rock and lively melodies, crafting quite the mystifying album.

The Stone Foxes Twelve SpellsThe Stone Foxes use Twelve Spells as a platform for experimentation; mixing up their signature sound in favour of some fresh elements. Opening with powerful riffs and a whisper of 70s rock, Eye For Love is a seamless standalone tune, but also the perfect support for following track I Want To Be You. Bursting with psychedelic riffs and a vibrant texture full of rich layers it’s a certifiable groove. While She Said Riot and It Ain’t Nothin’ pack more of a punch, and act as the angst ridden accost to the senses which are as infectious as they are loud.

Although there are some shining moments, Twelve Spells certainly has it’s share of dry spells too, with This Town leaving nothing to the imagination. As it consistently drones on with both an unmemorable melody and lyrics that fail to make an impact. While Cold Like A Killer feels as sinister as it sounds, but, lacks an ultimate oomph to make it as hauntingly memorable as it could be. But where Twelve Spells ultimately loses its magic is as a wholly functioning unit. Following track by track feels messy, as there’s no real musical flow prompted through each one. In jumping from thrashing rock riffs to vibrant melodies each track is jarred, and the direction is lost. While there was great potential, with tracks that ignite a passion and emotion, their placement amongst their fellow tunes hinders the overall success, with the message of Twelve Spells getting lost.