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Album Review: The Snowdroppers – Business

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It’s back to business for Sydney blues-rockers The Snowdroppers, who are renowned for their electrifying live shows and addictive tunes. It’s been a good couple of years since we heard some new material from the group and eighteen months since their last national tour, so no wonder that the anticipation for studio album number three Business has been high. With long-time sound man Ryan Hazell (The Drones, The Fumes) on duty, we’re bound to be treated to yet another addictive instalment by the group, but let’s find out for sure.

The Snowdroppers - BusinessThe energy doesn’t hesitate to emerge, title-track Business drills its way into your head and insists on staying there for a while. Lead single Love Letters also deserves a nod with its intriguing guitar part, not to mention the explosive chorus as the protagonist comes to terms with where he stands with his lover. A tad of country grittiness drives the gruff Devil Child, only to be toned down by the more boppy Ignorance. There are dramatic moments too, I Only Want The Lovin’ (When The Lovin’ Is Gone) has a roaring arrangement with an anxious vocal line, giving the album’s sound a moment to show off its diversity. If you’re digging all of the fast jams on the album, hopefully you appreciate Hold On in all its glory, it even picks up towards the end for those who don’t take it slow. Business is definitely an album for those who enjoy a more upbeat and intensified listening experience.

The Snowdroppers have done it again, Business could arguably be some of the group’s best work to date. These tracks are going to sound fantastic on stage, you can really tell that the energy channelled to create this album came from the fire that burns within the group as they tear up a venue. You kind of crave some downtime somewhere in the middle, it’s great to hear an album full of life but it’s also nice to hear a moment of vulnerability or rawness; something that was saved for the end, so it’s not a big loss. Business is quite the release from one of Australia’s finest acts, give it a spin!