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Album Review: The Script – Freedom Child

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Photo: Sony Music Australia

It’s been a couple of months since The Script released their lead single, Rain – and what a fantastic song that is.  Since then, they have teased fans with promotional tracks Written in the Scars and Love Not Lovers.  After an unbearable wait since No Sound Without Silence, The Script have finally released their 5th studio album, Freedom Child.

Freedom Child is a standout name that has a significant meaning behind it.  It came about after lead guitarist Mark Sheehan’s son asked what terrorism was, inspiring the song from which the title was taken.  For a track that tackles this huge topic, the music is incredibly upbeat, easing in the message “don’t let them take your freedom child […] only love can defeat them.”

From terrorism to a deeply unhealthy relationship, we have Mad Love.  Danny O’Donoghue’s gorgeous voice sings “we’re smashing plates and throwing knives,” however you’ll overlook this violence as the music has an unbelievably cheery tune you won’t be able to stop yourself skipping along to.

As they have demonstrated, The Script have a talent of taking difficult subject matter and turn it into a fun, approachable song.  Written in the Scars is no exception.  The twist in the romantic phrase creates a song about celebrating survival, where you’re very being is “written in the scars […] they make us who we are.”

It’s not all big, scary topics, and like RainEden is a good old love story.  The lightly dramatic music will instantly lift your mood, and the beautiful lyrics “I’ve finally found my Eden, there’s no way I’m leaving you” fit perfectly with the beat.

The Script have released a wonderful album which will no doubt make for an excellent tour.