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Album Review: The Jezabels – The Brink

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Four-piece alternative rock, indie and disco pop musical group, The Jezabels, release an exhilarating and sight-soaring new album, The Brink. With their previous release of Prisoner, the band empowers their music to the next level with hypnotically charming synths, riff-raving electric guitar solos and self-attuned, beautiful vocals by none other than the lovely, Hayley Mary. For an Australian band, they have managed to successfully claim various awards for their strikingly intimate and carefully structured tracks by winning ‘Best Independent Release’ at the ARIA music awards in 2012 for Prisoner and it’s an early call to say this, but they have what it takes to go internationally renowned with this record.

The Jezabels - The BrinkWith a mind-blowing opening track, The Brink, slowly eases its way by the quivering and hush vocals of Hayley Mary. The first half of the song is a teaser but when listened further, it unravels into an exquisite masterpiece, self-proclaiming the sounds of the city-bound roads to the outskirts of the country. Look of Love is a transformation that almost matches up to Endless Summer by the chorus, commiserating an anticipated adventure with lamp posts almost kissing the night sky whilst unfolding the mysterious moon of the enchanting evening. Beat to Beat is somewhat a subtle reminder of CHVRCHES’ The Mother We Share, with an enlivening synth that carries on throughout the track with Hayley’s vocals echoing, embarking through the intensity of the music with a containment of emotions ready for release. The End settles for a track that could easily be added to a summer soundtrack, a road-trip worthy tune that deems sitting through a set of lights worthwhile.

With earth-shattering vocals, music that screams attention from the awakening souls of birds perched on an old banksia tree, The Jezabels release yet another record filled with doses of nostalgia and astounding music that will strongly encourage the typical yet cliché -driven action of winding down the cricketed windows of your car while driving at the speed of lightning, feeling infinite and boundless. The Brink provides listeners an enticing and appeasing album by inclusively proving to others that they do in fact bring out the true definition of what it’s like to be one of the most “intensindie” bands ever.