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Album Review: The Jackals – People

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With a band name like The Jackals, you’d expect the sound to be tearaway, chaotic, and opportunistic, just like the animal. This judgement would be incorrect, however, with the band instead opting for soulful psychedelics amongst rising and falling guitars. They manage to execute this sound in a way that adds depth to the genre, and new album People turns into a fantastical journey.

jackals peopleThe record kicks off with Eyes Awaken, and all you have to do is lay back and relax as its gentle guitar strokes lull you into the song against lyrics of pleasing perplexity: ‘I am the lost, you are the found sensation’. The track ebbs and flows into a faraway land of spiritualism and melancholy – think Pink Floyd meets The Stone Roses.

Can’t Leave The City is epic in structure with some impressive melodies and layered vocals to keep the track interesting, whereas Raspberry Moon’s gentle beauty is coerced into a rolling drum foot-tapper that’s well paced and stylistically appealing. These two contrasting tracks show off the range of ideas that the band have in their arsenal.

If you’re looking for an album highlight, look no further than Where the Face Angels Lay. Bass driven loveliness ensues, with everything gelling together to create a smooth but sultry psychedelic wonder. Low moans and simple guitar push the track on, and the vocals are the best that singer Scott Watson offers up on this record, playing on the strains and really enjoying the challenges.

People is a slow burner, but it’s a burn to behold. After a few listens, you’ll be hooked, and also appreciate the little touches that the band lay out throughout the record. The boys have impressed here, and on the strength of this record, they should do very well.