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Album Review: The Bohicas – The Making Of

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Essex/East London rock group The Bohicas are gearing up for a musical breakthrough with their debut studio album, The Making Of, but they intend the listening experience to be liberal rather than a confinement in genre; lead singer Dominic McGuinness doesn’t want the band’s audience to think of the fifties when they categorise their sound as rock ‘n’ roll. Though the energy behind the genre is present he likes to think The Bohicas are taking somewhere beyond the boundaries. The group have already received a decent amount of radio airplay with singles To Die For and Where You At, so they are no strangers to being heard: The Making Of may just be what takes their career to the next level.

The Bohicas - The Making OfThe energy of pure rock sure is flowing through the veins of this release, kicking off with tracks like I Do It For Your Love and To Die For really sets the mood. Title track The Making Of is a more mellow yet atmospheric number, you also enjoy softer moments with tracks like Only You and Girlfriend. It’s the energy and the overall addictive vibe that makes To Die For and XXX radio hits, it’s these moments that really sell The Bohicas to you on a commercial level. At some points you kind of think where else could The Bohicas go with this record, sometimes the melodies begin to kind of mesh and you yearn for something a little different, your prayers are answered however with final track Rewind Replay as it brings that slightly differing sound to you.

The Bohicas and their sound are a match made in heaven, you can tell just how comfortable the group are with where they are at musically and it makes listening to The Making Of a decent rock ‘n’ roll experience; without looking back sixty years. There were a couple of tracks towards the end of the album where you may or may not desire something a little more edgier, something different to what we’ve already heard from the album, but overall the album’s sound is somewhat solid. We can’t wait to hear more from The Bohicas in this future!