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Album Review: Steven A. Clark – Lonely Roller

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Singer/songwriter Steven A. Clark is bringing back the deeper and darker side of R&B music. His new album Lonely Roller can be best described as a cinematic collection of tracks that are somewhat autobiographical to him. “Rhythm and blues ain’t all candy and hearts. Tapping into the darker side helps make a song more real”, Clark himself stated, sparking up some more anticipation for what’s to come.

The Lonely RollerTitle track Lonely Roller kicks off the atmospheric release, the subtle tap of the drums really allows focus on the emotive melody and lyrics, being about a weekend get away to Vegas. Not You has the soundscape to lift you up, but the story behind it is more heart wrenching than that, depicting the end of a relationship. The synths played throughout the album keep the listening experience as enticing as possible, adding drama to the mix. While Floral Print sounds simplistic enough, you can’t help but take it and its splendour in, the melody itself is a thrill. The overall sound of the album can quite easily be the soundtrack of a traveller, the atmosphere it has created would feel right at home blaring through the speakers of a car, driving out into the horizon.

Steven A. Clark grips you with Lonely Roller, the overall sound is inviting and with each listen you appreciate his craft even more. The lyrics don’t really wander into uncharted or challenging territory, but that doesn’t ultimately matter. What really counts is the amount of love and personality that has been crafted into the album as a whole. Clark knew what he wanted from Lonely Roller, and that was an honest and mostly compelling record that listeners can relate to.