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Album Review: Snoop Dogg – Bible of Love

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Photo: Mark Mann

Snoop Dogg is well known for his ability to reinvent himself and Bible of Love is yet another proof. Bible of Love is a hip hop gospel collection put together by the American rapper featuring many different artists. The record is a tough listening, since it is composed by thirty-two songs and it’s more than two hours long.

Among this extended compilation, there are some tracks that shine more than others. The Clark Sisters, a well known gospel group, bless Pure Gold and Blessed & Highly Favored with their energetic and elegant vocals. On Time (feat B.Slade), probably the best track in Bible of Love, features well structured and uplifting instrumental segments alternated with magnificent vocals by B. Slade and classic gospel choirs.

Until now I have never mentioned anything with Snoop Dogg himself. The reason behind that it’s the fact that he shows up here and there throughout the entire album while staying behind the scene for most of it. Some examples are Always Got Something to Say, Sunshine Feel Good (feat Kim Burrell) and Change the World (feat John P. Kee).

Overall, given the length of Bible of Love, this album features both slow and uplifting tunes, born by a mixture, sometimes pleasing and some others boring, of rap and gospel styles.

Bible of Love is not a Snoop Dogg’s album at all. He shyly appears just in few songs and when this happens, he doesn’t even deliver his best verses. Bible of Love is a collection of songs where other artists try to express Snoop Dogg’s relationship and view of God, therefore it seems like a filtered representation. Finally, the record is way too long. Most of the songs sound similar and after few minutes it gets boring. However, individually the majority of the tracks is great.