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Album Review: George Ezra – Staying at Tamara’s

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Photo: Phil Smithies

After four years since his acclaimed debut album Wanted on Voyage, George Ezra has finally released his second record Staying at Tamara’s. The title of his sophomore album is dedicated to the time he spent in Barcelona at a stranger’s house (Tamara) to express his creativity and work on his songs.

A gentle and cheerful guitar tune opens the album. Pretty Shining People is an upbeat and bright song whose catchy chorus “Hey Pretty Shining People, we’re alright together” contradicts with the darker “Why why why what a terrible time to be alive, if you are prone to overthinking”. Similarly, in Get Away George Ezra transforms his experience with anxiety in something lighter and optimistic. I believe that anxiety is a theme represented under various forms throughout the entire album: from the importance of being able to take a break in Don’t Matter Now, to the awareness that making errors or failing is ok in Only a Human. In any case, George Ezra is able to turn something difficult and hopeless as anxiety into positive and confident energy and create upbeat tunes.

Before slowing down in the second part of the album, George Ezra delivers two solid bangers: Paradise and Shotgun. The first about the feeling of falling in love, the second about travelling and being on the road.

The second half of Staying at Tamara’s starts with Hold My Girl, a slow and dreamy song about being able to always find time for love in our stressful and busy lives. Following up, Saviour (feat First Aid Kit) which stands out for its remarkable and interesting lyrics. Finally, Ezra closes up the album with a delicate and pleasant ballade, The Beautiful Dream.

Staying at Tamara’s is like an injection of pure joy and happiness, a get away from reality spiced up by some darker moments, delivered through George Ezra’s exceptional vocal performance.