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Album Review: Sleeper Agent – About Last Night

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About Last Night is the second album from Kentucky sextet Sleeper Agent. Three years on from the release of their last album, Celabrasion, the band have produced a cleaner more polished record moving away from their garage inspired pop-rock sound – whether intentionally or not.

SleeperAgent-AboutLastNightOpening track Be Brave is a catchy dance-pop song that brings the energy of the album to the forefront. Their new sound is not unlike Australian indie-rock quintet Architecture in Helsinki, most apparent in track one. There is a distinct dance element that strings this album together; each song has a toe-tapping effect (for lack of a better description!).

Unfortunately you can’t misplace the auto-tune through out the record, which takes away the depth and bravado of a six-piece. The shift towards this new glossy pop sound with an almost country-twang can be heard on tracks like Take it Off which will no doubt appeal to a younger audience.

Me on You is a fun and catchy song with a bit more to it instrumentally speaking, the lyrics are however rather perpetual. Lorena has leading lady Alex Kandel’s beautiful voice on display with a soft acoustic accompaniment. Tony Smith’s supporting vocals are well placed here and add to the sheer enjoyment this track brings to the every listener.

Haunting Me is a nice tune with deep lyrics and it sounds like Alex really feels what she’s singing. Waves is proof the band have certainly grown in the past three years. This song is composed very well, each layer playing an integral part in the feel and Alex’s voice is so complimentary.

You just can’t avoid the fact that this album probably hasn’t delivered on the expectations set and riding on Sleeper Agent. Some tracks feel as though they’ve been specifically tailored for commercial use, which doesn’t scream authentic. No one track is exemplary nor any disappointing, it has followed in the typical fashion of mid-weight pop-rock. An inoffensive listen we’ll just have to wait and see what this new sound and About Last Night will realise for Sleeper Agent.

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