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Album Review: Sheryl Crow – Feels Like Home

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Earlier in the decade, Sheryl Crow emerged as a dominating force in the world of radio-friendly pop/rock. Now, she’s saddled up and ventured into the world of country music. While this change in direction and style could alienate some of Crow’s fans, the album is an expertly crafted one and breeds a wealth of authenticity and passion. Feels Like Home proves Crow’s versatility as an artist while also performing as an exceptional album, regardless of genre stipulations.

Feels Like HomeOf course, most people are aware of who Sheryl Crow is. She’s won multiple Grammy awards, released several best-selling albums, and toured the world many times. However, the sound that is heard on Feels Like Home is unlike anything Crow has produced before.

Simply put, Feels Like Home is a country album. While this style is somewhat of a departure from Crow’s previous pop/rock and blues offerings, it makes sense given her history with Nashville. This is the place Crow calls home, and this fact is made evidently clear on this new album.

The best writing advice any writer will ever be given is to “write what you know.” On Feels Like Home, that’s exactly what Sheryl Crow has done, and it’s paid off in enormous ways.  Crow worked closely with a slew of writers: her long time collaborator Jeff Trott (who co-wrote If It Makes You Happy) and a series of other collaborators including Chris DuBois, and country superstar Brad Paisley. What results is a collection of 12 songs that feels incredibly passionate while also remaining meticulously focused.

What is most noticeable on Feels Like Home, compared to Crow’s previous seven LPs, exists within the lyrics. Here, the songs are punchy and to the point. They tell concise stories, but they never come across as clichéd. While the songs make use of everyday themes that many of us can relate to, they are each uniquely Crow’s own personal portrayals of life.

Whether it’s on the tear-jerker Waterproof Mascara, or the rallying Drinking, Crow puts forth ideas that are easy to empathize with thus making for an album grounded in everyday life.

All that to say, Feels Like Home still exhibits moments of diversity. Easy and Shotgun are the album’s two most radio-friendly tracks in that they are large without being abrasive. Crow has clearly taken a note or two from female contemporaries in the form of Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood here, all while adding here own unique spin to anoverplayed formula. Anthemic songs such as these then transitions into emotional ballads like Waterproof Mascara andCallin’ Me When I’m Lonely making for a roller coaster ride of nuanced emotion and musicality.

Overall, Feels Like Home is just a really good album. Whether you are an avid fan of country music, or you are the type to turn your nose up at the genre, I guarantee you will find something to enjoy within this album.

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