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Album Review: Seal – 7

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Soul superstar and singer/songwriter Seal is back with his brand new album 7. He reunited with his longtime producer/collaborator Trevor Horn in order to capture his essence; Horn worked on previous Seal albums including his debut Seal, its follow-up Seal 2 and most recently Soul 2. The new record’s theme focuses on the ups and downs of love, a topic that Seal’s soulful demeanour can effortlessly tackle.

Seal - 7The opening tracks on demonstrate that Seal won’t be losing his touch anytime soon. Opener Daylight Saving has been crafted with poetic precision and its melody is smooth and emotional; lead single Every Time I’m With You is a little more uplifting than the former. While the more subtle moments on the album are key the dramatic moments are also notable, especially tracks like Padded Cell and The Big Love Has Died.

If you’re looking for something more upbeat, the energetic Monascow is the track for you with its addictive guitar line and catchy chorus. Soon enough Seal is heartbroken again with the emotional ballad Half A Heart, while closing track Love is more of an encouraging number for those in need of emotional support. Seal truly is dealing will all aspects of love on and he’s quite insightful.

Seal voices his experiences rather than just his talent, is an album you can relate to in one way or another; it really focuses on the intimacy and heartbreak rather than the fiery moments of love. Those who have experienced all aspects of love can expect this album to serve as a form of therapy when it comes to their relationship, and with a soulful voice like Seal’s it makes for a decent listen too.