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Album Review: Sara Evans – Slow Me Down

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Slow Me Down is the seventh studio album from country singer Sara Evans. Evans has been belting out country tunes to critical acclaim for seven years, walking away with Female Vocalist of the Year (R&R) and Top Female Vocalist (Academy of Country Music Awards) most recently in 2006.

SaraEvans-SlowMeDownIt is with this experience in mind that your keen ear will pick up the tale Evans is so yearning to share through her music. Slow Me Down comprises 11 fairly traditional country music tracks, including three duets with some notable folks. The first on the album Not Over You is a cover of a Gavin DeGraw’s number one US Adult Top 40 single and features DeGraw himself.  Isaac Slade of The Fray lends his vocals to Can’t Stop Loving You, while Vince Gill features on Better Off. Better Off exemplifies the traditional country style of Evans, with the sweet sounds of the harmonica to compliment.

This album is very vocally conversational, Evans’ sings to ensure each word is articulated and heard – Not Over You really illustrates this style. This type of song compilation lends itself to a particular taste and there are times where it betrays the rhythmic nature of a country album. Closing song A Little Revival achieves a nice balance of this expressive style; it is a happy-go lucky love song with a sneaky guitar breakout.

Opening track Slow Me Down delivers on the wide spectrum of Evans voice, diving from a ballad like chorus to a slow melodic verse. Sweet Spot is also worth a highlight, a catchy potential single it is very relatable for a younger audience.

On review Slow Me Down feels like an unobtrusive look into the heart and mind of Sara Evans. At times the album does feel as though it is a safe country album, following the framework quite closely.  However there is no denying, Evans has such a lovely voice and tells a gripping story – for fans of both her, the featured artists and the country music genre Slow Me Down is a satisfactory listen.