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Album Review: Sam Beeton – In The Yard

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Rising star’s come and go quicker than you can blink. Most of them flicker out into nothingness, but a few manage to shine brighter and brighter until they are noticed by the masses. Sam Beeton is one of these who has recently started to gain momentum on playlists and in nightspots, and with this we see him release his second full album effort, In The Yard.

Sam Beeton in the yardThe first thing you notice about the album is its subtle blend of different styles. Very hard to pigeonhole to one area, you see Sam leaning towards folk, indie, pop and country throughout. The light and airy Gold is concentrated sweetness, leading to a chorus akin to something a younger, poppier Chris Martin might come up with. And if you’re looking for all out pop, look no further than Can You Run: the Michael Jackson influence runs rampant around a track designed to sound both fresh and old, set against heavier guitars to good effect.

Having supported bands like The Script and James Morrison, a musical influence and way of writing has definitely rubbed off on Beeton.  The Yearlings Song is testament to this, bringing about folk connotations set to an easy-pop drumbeat; the vocals are reminiscent of early Ryan Adams, and really help set the song off in a good direction.

At points the album is walking a fine line between petering out and keeping the listener interested; Delta Hand tries to avoid this by bringing in gutsy guitar for an adrenalin boost but still doesn’t manage to bring up the pace. Unexpectedly it’s the R & B fuelled ballad Here in Silence that provides this service. The Beatlesesque guitar picks bring the track alive, and would rival anything Ed Sheeran has done to pull at the heart strings; if you’re looking for a perfect first dance at a wedding song, bear this in mind.

For but a small lull hear and there, In The Yard is a pleasant album from a talented individual. Beeton shows where he wants to go, and this album is working towards a complete sound. With a few tweaks here and there, Sam’s shine will stay alight and only get brighter.

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  1. Stunning….had the pleasure of seeing him live…Yearlings song acoustic is amazing and Belong is my favourite…

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