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Album Review: Rod Stewart – Another Country

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Rod Stewart has been a prominent recording artist for over fifty years, and at age 70 he doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. His iconic raspy voice is what gives his music life and is instantly recognisable, once being called “the best white soul singer” by ‘Godfather of Soul’, James Brown. His 2013 album Time was met with high critical acclaim and deeply loved by fans around the globe, now his 29th studio album Another Country follows it up and sees Stewart delve deeper into his songwriting abilities to deliver something personal and close to his heart.

Rod Stewart - Another CountryThere are tracks that lift your spirit, particularly the reggae pumped Love And Be Loved and the energetic Walking In The Sunshine. Stewart’s voice is as strong as ever and there is nothing about it that seems to be dwindling, if you give Please a listen he demonstrates the control he still has over his impressive set of pipes. Title track Another Country adds sentimental value to the album with its folk influence and lyrics, it’s just a cosy and heartwarming number, while Batman Superman Spiderman gives listeners a peek at Rod Stewart the father, this sweet little tune is dedicated to his young son and it melts your heart.

As a collective Another Country reveals more about Rod Stewart than ever before, his intention with this album was to write it on a more personal perspective and he achieved this. There were tracks that you found quite relatable and others that you found intriguing, there is a good mix of folk/rock/pop to retain attention and interest. Rod Stewart may be getting older, but as he ages his music still seems to matures and this is what makes him a timeless songwriter.